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You know you’re in the Hudson Valley when you’re driving on Route 9D. You catch little glimpses of the river through the trees. You also come across adorable little shops like the Garrison Market.


I was headed back home by the time I saw it, so I didn’t buy anything but a water. But I got these snaps. If I lived ’round here, I’d be stopping often.



Also, while in Beacon earlier in the day, I popped into this little cafe called Homespun Foods. They didn’t have a to-go menu and I can’t find a Web site, so I don’t have a full report, but they offer sandwiches and salads, and they have a very nice selection of cheeses to buy. There’s also a darling garden in the back.



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  1. I live near the Garrison Market and I go there often. They have amazing homemade doughnuts.If you’re lucky and you get there at the right time, they’re still warm.

  2. Your first photo says it all…its a dirty, dilapadated place. The locals don’t go there…I don’t know who does anymore?

    Who wants to eat in a former gas station that derives its water from a polluted aquifer…mmmm…appetizing.

    Be sure to check out and please for the love of god somebody BUY my house so I can get out of red-neck country!!!

  3. I don’t know what Scott W is talking about as it sounds like he hasn’t been to the Garrison Market in ages (typical local). I travel through the area regularly and look forward to stopping there for their delicious sandwiches and salads and cupcakes — the breakfast burrito wrap is just delicious. And the place is anything but dirty if you bother to walk in the door.

  4. Garrison market is terribly overpriced! Their prepared foods look awful, and what they charge for homemade granola is obscene. They do not have a good selection of items whatsoever. People no longer have standards, if they deem the garrisn market a good eatery.
    On the other hand, Homespun foods is amazing. The owner Jessica, has great taste in foods. Her menu is tasteful, and interesting, yet simple. She uses only the finest ingredients, and her cheese selection is amazing. Everytime I go in there, I smell something delicious baking. Today, it was the zucchini walnut bread. It is a very pleasant place to go. The entire staff is incredibly friendly. The outdoor dining in the garden is beautiful! I love going there!

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