A Twist on Crepes


<a href=”http://justbrowsing.lohudblogs.com/2006/08/11/high-flying-solutions/” target=”_blank”>While I was out shopping </a> with my colleague Mary Shustack this afternoon, we stopped for a bite of lunch. When we ascended the elevator to the food court at The Westchester, we came face-to-counter with Toutite Crepe, a new crepe bar.

The place was so popular it was hard to snag a seat at the counter. But we managed — and I’m glad, because we were able to watch the crepe-makers at work.


Instead of sloshing crepe batter from a ladle onto a wok-like pan like they do on the street carts in Paris, the staff uses a batter dispenser that slides mechanically back and forth over the three crepe stations in front of the audience at the counter.

We watched at least 10 or 15 crepes get made during our short lunch break, from one with strawberries, bananas and chocolate to another with chicken, tomatoes, arugula, avocado and jack cheese. (France meets Mexico?)

We liked our lunches very much: a Nicoise-style crepe with tuna, black olives and capers (spelled coppers on the menu!); and one with smoked turkey with jack and spinach. I’m also glad to know they have my old standby: ham and egg (I always ask for extra black pepper).

We wished we’d had room to try a sweet one, too. The nutella sounds great; so does the brie and apples with nuts and honey.


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Liz Johnson is content strategist for The Journal News and lohud.com, and the founding editor of lohudfood, formerly know as Small Bites. As food editor, she won awards from the New York News Publishers Association, the Association of Food Journalists and the Associated Press. She lives in Nyack with her husband and daughter on a tiny suburban lot they call their farm — with fruit trees, an herb garden, and a yardful of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, shallots, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, cabbage, peppers, Brussels sprouts and carrots and four big blueberry bushes.


  1. Nah sorry I make my own crepes , family recipe. Been making them for 20+ years. I cant see spending that kind of money for whatI can make cheaper and better. ;-]

    However pancakes and waffles I do order out sometimes. But Crepes , they would have to be really really good. I paid once for crepes and i was very disappointed.
    Sounds like you just had a fancy wrap or burrito.
    Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I was in the Pizza business for 15 years and swore I would never do the food thing again. Today after visiting Toutite I changed my mind. I want to do the same thing. Have the owner contact me, I loved it.

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