A BLT Without the L?



These are from my garden. Let’s just say I’ve been making a lot of caprese salads lately. (My colleagues are happy about this.) I’ve also been eating a lot of BLTs. Two in the last week and a half, in fact. So that’s why I laughed out loud when I read Ed Levine’s blog yesterday. <a href=” http://www.edlevineeats.com/” target=”_blank”> He maintains the “L” is not neccesary in the BLT. </a>

I can see where he’s coming from. One also might argue you don’t need the T or the bread, either. But I think the fresh, watery taste of iceberg lettuce — and for me, it has to be iceberg — adds a lovely element to the salty bacon and the sweet tomato. It keeps bacon from getting soggy and the tomato in its place.

What do you think? And, besides BLTs, what the heck are you doing with all those tomatoes?


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Liz Johnson is content strategist for The Journal News and lohud.com, and the founding editor of lohudfood, formerly know as Small Bites. As food editor, she won awards from the New York News Publishers Association, the Association of Food Journalists and the Associated Press. She lives in Nyack with her husband and daughter on a tiny suburban lot they call their farm — with fruit trees, an herb garden, and a yardful of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, shallots, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, cabbage, peppers, Brussels sprouts and carrots and four big blueberry bushes.


  1. Bacon Lettuce and Mayo on Toast for me. Though I am italian, raw tomatoes are not my thing, its a texture issue. I guess with those tomatoes you can make sauce/gravy or Salsa.

    Or chuck at a co-worker if ya get the desire ;-]

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor…

  2. Tracey Princiotta, interactivity editor on

    Apparently I haven’t been stopping by Life&Styles at the right time! Here’s another use for tomatoes that works well when the weather is too hot to cook. I cube the fresh tomatoes, toss them in a bowl with some minced garlic, marinate the whole thing in olive oil and a touch of balsamic for a few hours and add chiffonade of fresh basil at the last minute before putting it over cooked angel hair pasta. Use salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste and even some fresh grated parm. cheese.

  3. Tracey,
    my dad used to do similar but also add onions. and oregano instead of basil. no vinegar.

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