MexiGo, the new takeout shop in Croton, has changed its name to Mex-To-Go. Seems there were a few restaurants with that name, including one in Plano, Texas, whose owners made it known they were none too happy.

The folks over at Chowhound <a href=” ” target=”_blank”> have been discussing the merits and demerits of the restaurant </a> (and taking a swipe at the Journal News while they’re at it!).

I haven’t been, but I tasted the chicken tinga on arepas <a href=”” target=”_blank”> at a benefit dinner a few weeks ago </a> and they were delicious.

But two complaints I’ve been hearing that aren’t on the Chowhound thread: That the rotisserie chicken isn’t crispy. And that the servings are skimpy. What say you all?


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  1. I was in Plano a fews years back and dont remember seeing a MexiGo. There was this really good cajun place though. Awesome Hurricane. I prefer El banditos in Spring Valley or one of the other better sit down places for Mexican. Otherwise , if you are gonna get quick food taco bell is as good as any other ;-]

  2. There is a small hole-in-wall plane on 9A called California Tex mex Kitchen. Folks, I am amazed at how good the food is there. Basically, a take out place, not much ambience but good authentic food.

  3. Yes, we’ve written about that place… Deven and Jill Black covered the chilaquilas there. Amazing. They’re not exactly on the menu, so you have to ask for them.

  4. Judith Coleman on

    Crispy-skinned flavorful rotisserie chicken would be the answer to my dreams! I can guarantee that I would buy 2 a week! Mexigo has sadly disappointed me there (especially since I had such high expectations based on their Umami pedigree. Umami makes a delicious brick chicken, by-the-way). The first week they were open I bought a chicken sight unseen. When I unwrapped it at home I couldn’t believe how anemic it was. The meat was tender, but the skin was pathetic. At that time I also bought a “large” Mexigo salad for $8. I figured the $8 chicken plus the $8 salad would make a perfect dinner for my husband and me. However, the large salad wad barely big enough for one person. (I even called Mexigo to check, thinking they had given me a small salad by mistake, but no such luck.) This week I called ahead specifically inquiring if the chickens were now crispy, and was told they had been improved. Well, the skin was golden (which is not crispy in my book). I had to put the chicken in the oven for 15 minutes to crisp it up. Rotisserie chicken is a convenience food. If I have to finish cooking it, heating up my house and dirtying a roasting pan, what’s the point? I didn’t try again on the salad, but if Mexigo (I guess it’s now Mex-to-go) wants rotisserie chicken business they need to sell some adequate side dishes so that you can make a meal of it.
    Please Craig and Jonathan…answer my prayers and crisp up your chickens!

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