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I’m heading to Mexico later this year. (Recommendations for restaurants and sightseeing in DF are gladly accepted.) But the anticipation must be why I’ve eaten at two Mexican restaurants in the past four days. (The other is Dona Maria Bistro in Suffern, and I promise I’ll post those photos later.)

The photo above was my dessert at <a href=”” target=”_blank”> Sunset Grill in White Plains. </a> (68 Gedney Way, White Plains. 914-227-9353). The crepes are dressed wtih cajeta, a goat-milk caramel not unlike dulce de leche, and crispy almonds. The ice cream was caramel. Just the kinds of flavors I love to take me back to childhood. (I was always a fan of caramel? You?)

My friend and colleague Mark and I headed over there after work. (Mark had been earlier in the day… chef Greg Courtelyou is going to be one of our upcoming <a href=”” target=”_blank”> Chef’s Dish columnists </a> and so Mark was photographing him.)

I had a caipirinha (good but strong!) and Mark had a margarita (a shining example).

To start, Mark had a special, with very flavorful steak atop tortillas with a little salad and some cotija cheese. (They make their own tortillas from fresh masa at Sunset Grill.) Really nice.


I had the tortilla soup. The broth was thicker and richer than I’m used to; I think I prefer one a little thinner.


Mark had never had mole poblano before. He was happy to taste it; I was happy he was tasting a good version. Nice depth of flavor and not too too spicy. (Only a hint of heat afterward, just how I like it.)


I had tacos: two with pork (a little too dry) and two with snapper (my favorite dish of the night).


I’m very happy Sunset Grill is closeby the office and that they’re open for lunch. This isn’t the type of Tex-Mex restaurant where you can’t move after eating so much melted cheese. The flavors are fresh and light. Just like real Mexican food.



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  1. Liz,
    Always looking for a good restaurant to go to with my middle school age children. Prefer Northern Westchester, Putnam. Any thoughts?

  2. Hey Hungry,
    I’m not sure which side of the county you’re asking about, but here are a few places I think would work with tweens and teens:

    Four Doors Down in Buchanan
    Le Jardin du Roi in Chappaqua
    Justin Thyme, Ocean House and Umami, all in Croton
    Conte’s Fishmarket, Lexington Square Cafe, Fish Cellar, Flying Pig and Luna, all in Mount Kisco
    121 in North Salem
    Blazer Pub in Purdys
    Horse & Hound Inn in South Salem
    Heights Bistro in Yorktown
    Cafe Maya, Riverview and Le Bouchon in Cold Spring
    Red Rooster in Brewster
    Tavern in Garrison
    Abruzzi in Patterson

    Any one else want to chime in?

  3. im still hungry on


    thanks so much for your suggestions.I know some of these places and they are a bit pricey.Any reasonably priced family restaurants you can think of?

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  5. I can’t believe Riverview Restaurant in Cold Spring hasn’t been mentioned in this line-up. It’s just the best. The scallops are delish, as are all the pasta dishes. My personal favorite dish is the baked cod, and if not that, then the halibut. Truly, the food is just wonderful and the service is great. Another great aspect is that the bar is so friendly…you can go in as a ‘single’ and sit at the bar for dinner. You’ll have a very pleasant time. Jimmy and Lori Ely are the proprietors and one of them, if not both, are always there.

    Go and enjoy!



  6. Any thoughts on the Dona Maria place in Suffern? Been to other Mexican places in the area, i.e. Ole Ole @ Tequila y Sal y Limon…any recommendations?

  7. Hi Ramona,
    I wrote about Riverview in Putnam magazine over the summer — I said it has the best pizza in all of Putnam!

    As I mentioned on the other post you commented on, most of my visits, Dona Maria has been terrific. The last time I visited, though, it was slipping. I hope it was just an off day.

    I haven’t been to Ole Ole or Tequila, Sal y Limon. Why don’t you go and report back?

  8. Don’t know anyone here, but I’m a Suffern resident and have been to all of the Mexican places & we have the most (..and best) of Rockland County
    Here’s how I would rank them:
    1) Tequila Sal y Limon — (excellent food & sangria, quite atmosphere)
    2) La Hacienda de Don Manuel — (good food & drink, more of open/group atmosphere)
    3) Ole Ole – decent food, great margueritas
    4) Dona Maria – my least favorite of the bunch. I didn’t like the food, but that could of just been the entry I picked. The service was not as good as the other places on the night we went either.

    Figured I’d weigh in — For the price and value Tequila is the place!

  9. Have been a Suffern resident and oft Suffern Restaurant visitor. I’ll try to add to Matt’s synopsis on this.

    Tequila Sal y Limon – have been there a couple of times, consistency was slipping greatly on identical dishes across the 2 visits, so was service. Very small, quite loud (yelling across a small table because of overloud music). Inventive cuisine when they focus on it. VERY pricey compared to the others, mostly not worth it.
    La Hacienda de Don Manuel – decent Margueritas, large enough food selection, mid-range quality, not an intimate atmosphere. Great place for kids, miserable if you don’t want to heard screaming children.
    Ole Ole – great Margueritas, poor service, less-than-mediocre food. Next to Hacienda, about the cheapest of the bunch. Best Salsa and Chips, but it trails off from there.
    Dona Maria – very inventive cuisine at first, but it rarely changes. Service is a bit spotty. Quiet and intimate, and they do try, but wish they’d vary the menu a bit more from Flank Steak on a Rock.

    Surprisingly, I’d choose Dona Maria first if you aren’t going for Margueritas and drinks. I’d probably go Ole Ole if you want an active bar that service great Margueritas and other drinks. I would choose Tequila if you enjoy seafood, which seems their specialty, but don’t get your hopes too high. Traditional Mexican I’d split between Ole Ole and Hacienda — Ole Ole for the substance and portion, Hacienda seems to be just a bit weaker (and noisier).

    My $0.02.

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