Shouldn’t The Porterhouse Have a Porterhouse?


I stopped by the latest addition to the bar scene on White Plains’ Mamaroneck Avenue last night, an Irish-style pub called The Porterhouse. I can’t take credit for this question, because a colleague pointed it out to me, but I do believe I would have come up with it on my own, given the time. Why isn’t there a Porterhouse steak on the menu? The closest thing is this, pictured above: The Porterhouse Burger. Our waitress said the cooks grind the meat themselves from Porterhouse steaks. I don’t know if I buy that, but the burger looked hand shaped. And it was very, very tasty.

Addendum: Another colleague tells me I must have missed seeing the Porterhouse on the menu — that it was the first thing he looked for and it costs $23.95. I tried directory assistance twice to get the number to verify before I posted this (because I wanted to give it to you all), but the operators couldn’t find a listing for Porterhouse. So folks — did I mess up? Is there a Porterhouse at the Porterhouse?


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  1. Is this Porterhouse related to the one on Kinderkermack Rd., just over the NJ border from Pearl River? If so, I believe the name of the place comes from the ale called porter, not from the steak called porterhouse.

  2. I don’t think they’re one in the same. But that is a (very likely) possibility I didn’t even consider. Shows to go ya when you’re more of a wine drinker.

  3. I have never eaten in a more disgusting establishment than PorterHouse. I ordered a simple burger. After approximately 45minutes they informed me that they were understaffed and that the order might take a while. It had been almost 1.5 hours before I received my salad and then my meal. On top of the unprecedented wait, the meal was so nasty that I spent the rest of the evening regretting the decision. I was not alone, the party of 4 that i was with all ordered different dishes and felt the same regret

  4. Hi there, yes there is a porterhouse steak on the menu but only after 5pm on the dinner menu, theres no steak on the lunch menu.
    But just a heads up the Porter House was named not after the porterhouse steak but rather porter as in stout. A dark beer such as guinness or murphys. Hence the large wooden barrels behind the bar to immitate.
    Theres a new menu now which is real nice and well worth a try

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