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Liz Johnson is content strategist for The Journal News and lohud.com, and the founding editor of lohudfood, formerly know as Small Bites. As food editor, she won awards from the New York News Publishers Association, the Association of Food Journalists and the Associated Press. She lives in Nyack with her husband and daughter on a tiny suburban lot they call their farm — with fruit trees, an herb garden, and a yardful of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, shallots, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, cabbage, peppers, Brussels sprouts and carrots and four big blueberry bushes.


  1. Try Keanes on Middletown Road on the Nanuet/Pearl River border (just off 304 across from Wyeth/Lederlee). Very juicy tasty burgers.

  2. Hmm burgers depends on people’s taste. I have hated what people call a great burger. They are rare to find. some are too big. some use too hard a bun. I have found a few places. but they arent anything to go out of the way for.. there’s a place in manhattan that was really good. Jimbos.
    But up here? i would have to say that at some of the local pubs. like nanuet motel or legends. their burgers are decent.

  3. The burgers at Publick House on Rte. 202 in Haverstraw are the best! They have have a large selecton of creative burger toppings. They are all high quality ground meat and very tasty! Everything from a light turkey-burger to a cheeseburger topped by a fried egg (really!) I also like the small tv’s built into some of the dining tables. You can tune in for your children or your favorite sports.

  4. Ireland’s 32 in Suffern. I used to think it was Sutters until I ate there. The burgers were huge, hot, and juicy, I was so impressed.

  5. I have to say that the Ol’e Town Inne in Suffern, NY is the best burger making spot ther is in Rockland co. The surroundings are very friendly but quite appeasing to the general public, never a huge crowd, unless its Thursday, but it’s not only a fun place to be,but the quality of people, and staff are absoultly the greatest. Just like cheers, everybody knows you.

  6. The burgers at Bailey’s in Blauvelt are very good, but don’t discount the Fatburger at the Palisades Mall.

  7. O’D’s in Nyack has the best bacon swiss burger around. It’s beena favorite for 20 years !!!!


  9. The Guiltless Black Bean Burger at Chili’s (non-meat) on Route 59 in Nanuet is terrific! The taste is so wonderful you certainly don’t miss the meat.

  10. I agree that the burgers at the Greenhouse Cafe are great – but I also like the burgers at the Saloon in Pearl River, just down the street from the train station.

  11. Try Gildea’s on Central Avenue in Pearl River – formerly Sheeran’s. Great quality beef and good-sized too!

  12. I really do understand what you mean by a “great” burger, and I do enjoy a good flavorful burger every now and then, BUT — we are also very fortunate to have in Nanuet a White Castle. I’m not kidding, I grew up eating “great” burgers, and White Castle burgers. Which do I crave every once in awhile… the White Castle burger. You either love them or hate them, but if you love them you would consider yourself lucky to have a White Castle in Rockland. When my dad comes up from Florida, our 1st stop is, White Castle.

  13. Gildea’s is tops in my Burger Book right now, big, juicy and absolutely scrumptious!! But it’s the Olde Village Inne in Nyack for the best “Irish fries” in Rockland, maybe the world.
    Good to see you, Liz!

  14. Wow. Two votes for Gildea’s, huh? And I had no idea about the Publick House. The fried egg sounds right up my alley. Thanks guys, keep ’em coming!

  15. Richard Tjoa on

    I love having the (Swiss cheese) burgers at the Rockland Diner in New City (Third Ave. and 304). Tasty, never runny with grease, and priced right.

  16. great burger at City Line (remodeled in Bennigans old location) … On Main St. in New City. Tasty, large, and good toppings.

  17. Kennelly’s Grille House in Congers (on rt 9w across from Rockland Lake). The Patty Melt is the best burger in the county!!

  18. Definately try the Publik House burgers…they also have great Irish Nachos that they serve with waffle fries!

  19. Beef
    Until you have tasted real beef,that is cattle raised and grazed on grass onthe open plains and not feedlot grain fed cattle, you and the majority of people in the US do not know what beef is supposed to taste like.

    The best beef in the world is from Agentina, Uruguay and Brazil
    It is also “light,” does not leave you feeling bloated as in corn fed, grain fed feedlot cattle
    Cattle, by nature are intended to eat grass.
    thank you
    Jay Hirsch

  20. Steve C. is right – definitely try Legends on Main St. in New City – across from the courthouse. They’ve got a great burger selection to choose from. The rest of the menu ain’t too shabby either!

  21. Sunnysides in Sloatsburg on the Rockland/Orange border off of RT17 has delicious burgers.

  22. The BEST burgers have to be at the Mt.Ivy Diner on rte. 202 in Pomona. Those burgers are just sooooooo tasy. The diner is also nice to look at from outside. The inside provides you with a nice roomy atmosphere. The service and food are both so good.

  23. CATHARINE Sheldon on

    Well although it definatly not a typical burgar joint, the burgers at Change in Nyack are sooooo good! Is a big bistro burger with lots of seasoning and flavor you have a choice of gorgonzola cheese or brie and you get a side of homemade chips. anyway check it out its worth it!

  24. I think the best burger in Rockland is at Sutter’s Mill in Airmont. I like them plain and sometimes with cheddar cheese and sauteed onions. Great fries too.

  25. Gerilynn Ungar on

    Oh my! O’Donoghue’s restaurant in Nyack has the best burger
    ever!!! Chef Phil makes the freshest, tastiest and juiciest burger in Rockland. I also enjoy the sweet potato fries.

  26. Marissa Calfayan on

    I love this burger. O’d’s in Nyack makes the best made to order burger. It is so big, I usually have to cut it in half. I look forward to my next visit.

  27. Jacquie Whitney on

    Give LuLu in West Nyack a try. Really great burgers..A great environment. Only downside is that you probably cannot finish it in one sitting and you will not have room for one of their amazing desserts.

  28. OD’s makes the best burger. I was a vegetarian and tasted OD’s burger and now I am back to eating meat. I loved the burger.

  29. Gotta give PUBLIK HOUSE in Garnerville, a try. My favorites with “real” blue cheese . Super clean place too.

  30. best burger is O’Donoghue’s Restaurant in Nyack

    very fresh and great hamburger bun as well

    nicely presented

    i will be back for more

  31. OD’s burger is by far the best burger

    I’ve tried many burgers and they really know how to serve and make a delcious burger

  32. my vote is for OD’s

    tried many burgers this month

    it is definately No.#1

    My friends love it too

  33. I love OD’s. Chef Phil makes the greatest burgers. The chili burger was awesome. Love the selection of beers.

    I look forward to my visits at OD’s

  34. Best Burger in Rockland on

    wow that’s a question!

    I have read all these statements and I agree with some. Fatburger in the mall is pretty damn good, I must admit. I like Rick’s Club American in Congers.

  35. My all time fave burger ANYWHERE is at Old Village Inn in Nyack. Big, fat, juicy burgers with buns that can stand up to all the juice and toppings. For that matter, I’ve never had a bad meal there period, and I’ve been eating there for 8 years!

  36. Don’t go to chains for a good burger. I love a good diner burger. the New city Diner off Route 304 has this awesome burger called the Wrangler burger. A soft poppy seed bun, onion rings, sauteed onions and Jack Daniel’s like BBQ sauce. That is thing and syrupy and not ketchup based.

    When you say great burger are you looking for toppings? or just a good basic burger?

  37. I can’t believe no one mentioned The Shamrock Hotel in Suffern right off Rt 202, 1/2 lb Burger Deluxe, for only $4.95, and let me tell you it’s a Banging Burger!!!

    Ok, let me eat, my burger just came!


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