Guess This Burger, Part 9: The Final Edition


Last time, folks. Any guesses?



I’m not quite sure how you could have missed it, but, in case you have: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>I’m on a hunt for the best burger in Rockland. </a> Even though I won’t reveal my reporting — you’ll have to wait for Rockland magazine before you know where I’ve been and what I loved (and didn’t) — I thought it might be fun for you all to check out the photos and take a guess. I’ll confirm and deny once the article is published.


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  1. I’ve reviewed the photos again, #8 gets my vote as the winner. #9 looks like something you would get the local school cafeteria. Does not look very appetizing, but I remember as a kid going to a local drug store – soda fountain place and having a burger similar to this one. It had to be on of the best flavored burgers I remember growing up. Who knows if it would be so good to me as an adult but it was great as a kid. If you ever go to Chili’s with a kid, order the kid’s meal burger, the flavor of this burger is very similar to the flavor of the burger I ate at that drug store long ago.

  2. Can you do this burger thing in Putnam County? Cheeseburgers are my favorite food, but I’m not traveling to Rockland County for one. Anyway, if I do go to Rockland county, the only place I get my burgers is at Cheeburger-Cheeburger in the Palisades. I will say though that I can’t get a rare burger there and all of your pictures look like they are rare enough for me!

  3. i still say OD’s is the best burger. I’ve tasted some of the other burgers since the contest started and I firmly vote for OD’s as the best burger by far without a doubt.

    I had one last week and it was delcious!!!

    I brought a bunch of friends with me and they agreed.

    Everyone try OD’s and you will see what I mean.

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