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Good morning and happy Monday everyone. I was away this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. Did you know that the Dane County Farmers market is said to be the largest producers-only farmers market in the country? I had some great meals: Cafe Soleil (the casual part of L’Etoile), The Old Fashioned and Sardine among them.

Plus, I got the chance to sample some cheese curds at that farmers market.


I mean. Have you really lived until you’ve tried cheese curds? They actually squeak in your mouth!

With that, here’s what people have been talking about while I was away.

Emily is quite fond of Half Moon. (NY Times). (She’s not alone! See Small Bites, LoHud.com and JN coverage here.)

Julia visits Pour and likes it. The comments are a little weird. (Westchester magazine’s Eater.)

Julia dines around Westchester eating raw things. (Westchester magazine.)

Some good things about Pumpernickel Cafe in Ardsley. (Chowhound). And I hear they make a great root beer, too.

What else did I miss while I was food shopping and dining around Madison?



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  1. You mentioned cheese curds.

    If they came from the “Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin” at Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery – then you had the BEST! The Governor of Wisconsin gave them that title! They are so squeaky good and are made from rBST free milk!

    Look at their web site about all the ways to enjoy cheese curds! And don’t forget to microwave for 15 seconds to restore the squeaky freshness – plus the flavors burst when they are warm! YUM!

    Their premium 100% All Natural Cheddar Cheese Curds are the color of fresh milk: White.
    Question: “Did you ever drink a glass of orange milk?” Look for the white cheddar morsels!

    If you are at Miller Park in Milwaukee for a Brewers Home Game – you have to try the fried cheese curds!
    Or at an A&W Restaurant! They even have a very simple four-ingredient recipe on the back of their FRESH cheese curd packages for battering cheese curds. Bringing the State Fair right into your home. They have more recipes on their web site if you are unable to get Ellsworth Cheese Curds in your grocery stores.


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