Yes, Indeed, the Author of “The Waiter Rant” Was Working At Lanterna Tuscan Bistro in Nyack


Grub Street has confirmed that the author of “The Waiter Rant,” was indeed working at Lanterna Tuscan Bistro in Nyack.

I called Rossano Giannini, who is on vacation in Florida, to see what he thinks of all this. He didn’t know anything about the blog or the book. “For me the fist thing I heard now is from you,” he said.

He says Steve Dublanica worked for him from 2003 to 2006. He also said that Steve used to work at Fratelli in Ridgewood, N.J., but that he didn’t know of any other local spots that might have employed him.

Meanwhile, enjoy this slideshow of JN photos from our archives of Lanterna.

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Grub Street has confirmed
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<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Lanterna Tuscan Bistro in Nyack</a>.


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  1. I checked out the Waiter Rant blog – what a bunch of garbage.
    I still have not gotten the book but if it is anything like the blog I would
    just dismiss it out of hand to anyone who mentions it as the ravings of a
    disgruntled waiter /psychiatric worker and has no merit whatsoever and should be
    ignored. The real question in any action against this person would be a
    measure of damages. Hopefully no one will ever hire him again as a waiter
    because of the garbage he is putting out but I can see how it attracts a the garbage of population

  2. I’m late to this party, but I worked in Nyack at the same time as Dublancia. He was there in 2000 and still there when I left in 2005. So his boss has a problem with dates.

  3. Indeed, Kathy sounds like she needs that pole out of her fat ass; I’m guessing you were born into a rich family and never had to work a day in your life? stop pretending to be so perfect, like you’ve never bitched about anything in your life before. At least waiter has achieved something in his life, he’s a best selling author, what do you do? house wife?

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