Sports Stars Appearing at Last Licks in Rye Brook


The fourth Westchester location of Last Licks opened in Rye Brook recently. The store will have appearances by Tampa Bay Rays star Evan Longoria on September 14 (5:30-7:00 PM); and Yankees pitching phenom Joba Chamberlain on November 15 (12:00 noon to 1:30 pm).

From the press release:

*Barber’s “Tiki-tacchio,” Jacobs’s “Louisiana Pecan Crunch” among 16 flavors*

Sports and ice cream is a true, All-American combination! And so, the unique concept of Last Licks was born.  Last Licks Ice Cream Store, dubbed the sports bar for kids, has arrived in Rye Brook, New York at 104 South Ridge Street, its fourth Westchester location.  Among the ice cream flavors on the menu include “Tiki-tacchio,” named for the former Giants All Pro running back and NBC correspondent Tiki Barber, and “Louisiana Pecan Crunch,” which celebrates Giants Super Bowl hero Brandon Jacobs. More celebrity player flavors are on the horizon.
A new Manhattan store recently opened at 245 East 93rd Street at Second Avenue
Featuring 16 flavors of ice cream and six low fat yogurts, Last Licks Upper East Side location is the first Manhattan venture for executive vice president Steve Costello, on the heels of successful ventures in Westchester (Armonk, Thornwood, Scarsdale and just-opened Rye Brook) and Long Island (Massapequa).

Upcoming on the Last Licks appearance bill in Rye Brook include: Tampa Bay Rays star Evan Longoria on September 14 (5:30-7:00 PM); and Yankees pitching phenom Joba Chamberlain on November 15 (12:00 noon to 1:30 pm).

A sports-themed ice cream parlor, Last Licks caters to the youngsters, and kids can enjoy a sundae, meet major league stars past and present, watch televised games on monitors throughout the store, and fantasize in a simulated Yankees dugout. Last Licks is Heaven on Earth for any ice cream and/or sports memorabilia enthusiast! We are dedicated to bring you the very best homemade ice cream and other tasty treats while at the same time endorse the finest sports memorabilia and collectibles that there is to offer.  Kids are offered the chance of a lifetime to meet favorite athletes and heroes at public autograph signings which take place every month at different locations!

Last Licks ice cream flavors:

Double Fault Chocolate Malt- Chocolate Malt is for the kid in a hurry. Can’t wait for all the preparation of a real malted. Just wants that melted flavor. Piled up on a waffle cone, this flavor has an interesting history. We stumbled on it while we were opening our Michigan store just a few miles from where Derek Jeter grew up. It is still made in Michigan, but when the Tigers played the Yankees they brought a few tubs on the team plane. Last time we were a tub short, anyone guess what happened?

Fairy Floss (Cotton Candy) – First Served at the World’s Fair, Our cotton candy recipe makes you feel like you’re at the carnival. Before it was called cotton candy it was known in the 40’s as fairy floss. So when you are eating our cotton candy ice cream, remember we use fresh milk from special Moo-Cows in Western Pennsylvania. We suggest marshmallow or gummie bears on top. If you want both, one is on us. You can’t lose!

Brandon Jacobs Louisiana Pecan Crunch- This ice cream is as popular as a 270 pound Super Bowl champion running back. A taste of the South with a vanilla base, caramel, and loaded with pralined pecans. The ice cream is as memorable as when Brandon “crunched” Charles Woodson in the playoffs. Yum!

Madagascar Moose Tracks- Our Vanilla is flown in directly from Madagascar. Even bullwinkle would love the taste. This kid must have the sweetest of teeth to handle this. We swirl in some chocolate ribbons and pitch in some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. HOME-RUN!

Minty Chocolate Chip’in- Definitely for the inquisitive kid. The kid that really thinks things through and has watched mom and dad order it over the years. Last Licks secret…If you chip in around the house, You are much more likely to get taken for ice cream. At Last Licks, kids have major rights, so we need your help. We already use the best chocolate in the world for our chips, but we can’t decide whether or not we should use chips or slivers. If you want to “make a difference” Tell your server, slivers or chips.

Free Throw Cookie Dough- Cookie Dough is for the kid that steps up to the free throw line and ices the game. Nothing beats cookies and milk, so why not take a shortcut And get your cookies, milk, and ice cream all in one scoop? Oops! We mean two scoops…We can’t tell you where we get our famous cookie dough from, but it’s made in the same city that is home to the White Sox, Cubs, Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks.

S’more Oreo- Decisions. Decisions. Can’t decide if you want the simplicity of cookies ‘n crème, or maybe some chocolate ice cream loaded with toppings? Don’t choose. Have a scoop of Chocolate ice cream, some graham crackers, marshmallows, and Oreos all together! Make it a shake for an added bonus!

“Weize Guy” Chocolate- This is not “Weize Guy” like certain famous TV gangsters, this is Weize Belgium, where we find the very best chocolate for our ice cream.

Cake Batter-Up- For the impatient kid who always has to lick the bowl when Mom is done the baking! We start with the cake batter flavor, of course, and make it official with some rainbow sprinkles. Even better than the bowl- No sticky fingers! (and no dishes)

Off the hook Lemon Sorbet- Nut free and dairy free. Another refreshing option for the allergy prone kid, ’cause they need a scoop two sometimes! Throw a few nut-free toppings on, and you are in business. This Lemon keeps it real, With 75 real lemons in every tub.

“Snow Day” Vanilla- Nothing beats a snow day. Our Vanilla reminds of the snow as it is soooo white and natural too! Most Vanilla’s are boring, but ours is extra creamy, and especially tasty. We recommend that you spice it up a little with some rainbow sprinkles!

Raz-berry-Sorbet- Nut free and dairy free. No one is picked last at Last Licks! This fruity and refreshing flavor is for the kid who just can’t have the nuts and dairy. Who needs ’em anyway? Not our Raspberry Sorbet!

Strawberry Fields- This flavor is for the light-hearted kid who is conscious of getting their 4 servings of fruit a day! What beats creamy strawberry ice cream with real strawberry bits? Another one of our good foundations for many toppings! Make it tropical with some coconut! Aloha!

Cookies “n” Cream- This is for the kid that is easily satisfied. Not too sweet. Not too plain. Creamy vanilla base with loads of Crushed Oreos. No dipping and licking the cream from the middle. No broken cookies. It’s all in there. Spoon for spoon!

Vanilla Fudge Brownie- Love brownies? Love Fudge? Who doesn’t? This flavor could be for you. Swirls of fudge and chunks of brownies loaded in to vanilla ice cream. Add some whipped cream and a cherry on top and you have got yourself a Brownie Sundae!

Superman- It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Last Lick’s Superman ice cream. Don’t let the look deceive you. All it is Is our amazing vanilla with swirls of color. For the Clark Kent in all of us!

Healthy Vanilla- This is for the Upper East Side kid who knows what’s good for them! Low-fat vanilla ice cream, granola, and walnuts make this a healthy treat! We promise…the parental units can’t refuse!

Kids Coffee- If you are looking for coffee, the Last Licks Team thinks you should find it in your ice cream. Although this is an adult flavor, it is kid safe as well


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