Exclusive First Photos: Tarry Lodge; Reservations Starting Tomorrow; Update: Links to Menus


The restaurant will begin taking reservations tomorrow at 10 a.m. for dates as far as one month out. I was there earlier today for a photo shoot. I’ll show you photographer Mike Roy’s photos in a bit. For now, for a peek inside, here are my snaps.


Front dining room:


Hotess station:


Bar, and the first view as you enter the main dining room:


(That’s photographer Mike Roy. Don’t worry, his photos will be better.)

The detail in the tile is gorgeous:


That’s all mosaic. So is this:


Looking from the front dining room into the main dining room, the service area and to the staircase for the mezzanine:


The mezzanine:


From the mezzanine to the main dining room:


Same photos without the pole in the middle:



The service area for the main dining room:


One last look (until Mike’s photos are ready):


Edit: To add Mike’s portraits of chef-owner Andy Nusser:



And the new menus. These are PDFs, updated from the last look I gave you at the menus:

Tarry Lodge Menu

Tarry Lodge Wine List

Tarry Lodge Dessert Menu

Tarry Lodge Dessert Wine

Tarry Lodge, 18 Mill St., Port Chester. 914-939-3111.


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  1. HI LIZ,



  2. Liz,

    Those chairs look uncomfortable! If I’m going for a great meal, I’m not sure I want to sit on hard wooden chairs….

  3. Michele, They look OK to me, but you might be right?

    Joe, I was able to get through around 11:30. Went to a machine and I pressed “2” to make a reservation. They asked me to hold a moment, I did, then a woman came back and took my info.

  4. No, I wasn’t the one about to make a res….Im the one complaining about the chairs in the pic. Joe is the one making a res…. You ARE too busy trying to do too many things at once.

    Now I’m fixated on the “Hotess” station in your picture caption above. lol. I assume you mean “Hostess”. Although, maybe “Hotess” is the term for a particularly hot hostess.

  5. Im sure I will go. I want to wait for your reviews though and pictures of the food so I know what to order. I trust your judgement. You haven’t failed me yet.

  6. Perhaps a “Hotess” is the job title for Paris Hilton if she took the job at the restaurant’s reception desk?

  7. I tried four times between friday and saturday to get a reservation for this past Sat night between 630 and 9 for 2 people. I was told they were fully committed. On Saturday morning a hostess agreed to take my name and number and call me back if there were any cancellations.

    At about 2pm on Saturday, I was excited to see on my caller ID, a call from the restaurant, only to learn the reservations manager was calling to tell me the morning hotess was stepping beyond her means and shouldn’t have given me false hope by taking my number and offering to call me if something opened up. She assured me there would be no cancellations.

    I asked the manager if I should drive from Rockland and attempt to get a seat in the bar area or the bar for two. She said it has been a zoo from opening to closing and she gave me the impression that I would be driving all the way there for nothing. She implied I wouldn’t get in or get a seat.

    There really was no reason for her to call me back at 2. Had I not heard from them, I would have just assumed there were no cancellations and that would have been that. By calling me back to tell me again I was out of luck, was a slap in my face. What’s the point?

    I didn’t take my chances at Tarry Lodge. Instead, I went to X20 and had an AMAZING dinner at the bar with my wife. We got there at 7 and there were many bar seats. By 8, it was packed. Peter Kelly said hello. The bartender, Bobby, was fabulous. The food was wonderful, the ambiance terrific, and the experience was as great as every other time I’ve been there. The cream floats to the top!

    Tarry Lodge….. What’s that?

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