First Taste: Haiku in Mamaroneck


Speaking of all the Asian places popping up all over the place…. The other day I made my way to Mamaroneck for my first visit to any of the Haikus (there’s one in Bronxville and Cross River, and another is planned for White Plains). I didn’t realize it at the time, but my date doesn’t eat raw fish. So this isn’t really a fair assesment… just a few snaps and commentary. The spring rolls were crispy and tasty. A little oily, though:

This is chicken with leeks and scallions. I didn’t taste much of the leeks. Sauce is a bit sweet.

(Please excuse the blurry photo!)

This here is the Thunder Roll (the cooked sushi roll):

It’s got homemade lobster salad, shrimp tempura and avocado. I quite liked it. Looking forward to trying the other sushi, too. Here’s a peek around. The sushi bar:

The entrance way:

The 411 on Haiku in Mamaroneck.


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  1. I have been a big fan of Toyo since they opened a few years ago. They definitely raised the bar on the quality of sushi in this town. I think it stinks that this Haiku place opened two doors down fomr them. I mean..’hello?’ I think it is really rude and I do not plan to go there. Those pictures don’t make the food look especially good anyway.

  2. Kate-
    The fact that another sushi restaurant opened a few doors down from Toyo is not “rude”. Look around….McDonald’s and Burger King are often right across the street from each other. Drive down Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck and you will find no fewer that 7 nail places within 2 or 3 blocks along with at least three different sushi restaurants. Your refusal to go there is your loss, not theirs. This place has some of the freshest, well presented sushi and other asian rim dishes in all of Westchester. If you think Bronxville is only big enough for your one favorite sushi establishment, you are mistaken.

  3. Kate–
    Oops….a bit of a mistake in my previous post. I should have said Mamaroneck instead of Bronxville in the final line…..that’s because I am a big fan of and frequent diner at the Haiku in Bronxville. I stand by the meaning of my post though…..just like there’s more than one pizza place to compete with Sal’s along Mamaroneck Avenue, it is not “rude” for similar restaurants to spring up in close proximity to each other….as a mattr of fact, it raises the bar for high quality among competing food establishments.

  4. Never mind rude, it’s just weird–how will one small stretch of a block support Toyo, Haiku, Red Plum (being built), Umami (being built), and Abis?

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