Fire + Ice in Palisades Center


Fire + Ice, an interactiving dining restaurant, will open Friday in the Palisades Center. Think of it like stir fry-meets-hibachi. For a set price, you visit “the market,” where there are vegetables, pastas, noodles, chicken, seafood, tofu, beef and other meats — all on chilled display.

You can pick as much as you like of whatever: go carb-free, vegan, or load up on all meat. Then choose a sauce, including spicy pomodoro, sweet chili or fajita.

Then chefs behind a massive 8-foot-diameter grill will cook your meal before your eyes.

More info, from a press release, after the jump.

Prices are $8.95 for lunch, $14.95 for dinner or $11.95 for brunch. Appetizers and desserts are available for additional cost, and shortly after the Grand Opening FiRE+iCE will add a full bar with cocktails, beer and wine.

FiRE+iCE is a perfect option for families because it allows kids to participate in the process and they’re entertained while they watch the food being cooked. And with the reasonable price structure FiRE+iCE is ideal for family gatherings around the holidays – with more than 200 seats large groups easily can be accommodated.

As part of the Grand Opening weekend, FiRE+iCE will play host to cooks from neighboring restaurants for the Chef Competition taking place on Sunday, December 7th at 12:00 PM to commence Palisades Center’s Restaurant Week, which runs December 4th through 7th.

The newest FiRE+iCE is located at Palisades Center, 4532 Palisades Center Drive, 4th Floor, West Nyack, New York, 10994. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner daily with brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Call 845.358.3473 or for more information.


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  1. Is this food preparation different than the “Mongolian Grills” at some NYC midtown and downtown take-out delis, where you pick the foods you want them to grill from a large cold “salad bar”, and then you add sauces and spices, and they cook it on a large round flat grill?

    You can also add noodles. After it’s finished, they scoop everything into a take-out dish. You can then add rice to your container.

    In the city, you pay about $6.00 per pound for the finished product (a lot to pay for cooked rice and noodles, less costly for sauteed shrimp)

    The cooks always add water to the stir fried items and it gets steamed and sauteed. The water adds a lot of weight to the noodles and the other foods so you pay more…

  2. I’m not sure what Michael S is talking about… and it’s very misleading. First off, Fire and Ice is different because it’s actually a mix and match all you can eat place… not some place where you pay by the pound. Well, unless theres an option for take out. But thats just silly… it’s like getting takeout at a chinese buffet, or any all you can eat place for that matter. Doesn’t even sound like Michael S has been to a Fire+Ice. My experience at the one in Boston was amazing. I probably ate $30 worth of shrimp lol.

    I was looking foward to going to the one in the Palisades Mall in Nyack, but for some reason it was closed on the night I went 12/13.

    Best time to go to this palce would be early brunch to avoid long lines.

  3. I also noticed while shopping this weekend that it was not yet opened. I wonder… maybe they opened only for the chef cook-off and then closed again? I’ll look into it…

  4. Brian,

    I’m not sure why you are confused by what i was talking about.

    It was clear from my post that I had NOT been to Fire and Ice. It was also clear that I was ASKING if it was similar to the NYC places I’ve been to that i described.

    It was unclear from the original post how the menu was priced and I was asking if it was the same as what I’d experienced.

    I tried to go twice since their “opening”. They were closed both times. (last weekend and this Saturday at about 3pm.

    They still do not have their liquor license.

  5. Hmm… that is odd about them being closed when people have tried to eat I will have to email a guy I have been talking to from their website. I pointed out that claiming the restaurant is in Nyack on their site does not give people a good indication of where it is (he said he would have it fixed).

    If you sign up for their email list they send you a 25% off coupon (via email).

    PS where is it located? Where Fox Sporta Grill was, or where that artist/dining place was (and Mickey Mantles before it).

  6. Bill, to answer your question, It’s located on the 4th floor at that “artist/dining place” was (Cafe Tutu Tango)

    Last weekend (10 days ago) they were apparently open Friday night for the Chef’s thing, then for brunch Saturday and Sunday and then closed in the afternoon. I do not know if they were open for dinner. I had spoken to a manager through the gates who said they were doing a “friends and family” dinner on Monday night (12/8) to five the staff practice. After that, I do not know. Perhaps they are just open at meal times. I was checking it out in the mid to late afternoon.

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