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Hi y’all. Happy Monday. I had a wonderful time. Didn’t do much cooking, though. Fried chicken with friends on Friday (not at my house!) —

— and Saturday busy with other holiday gatherings. On Sunday, I went to Lyndhurst to see the fairy tale Christmas with Christopher Radko (and got to meet the man himself), had a cocktail at Equus at the Castle at Tarrrytown —

and then attended the Holiday Reading at Nyack Center. Bill Irwin and other talented actors (a few of them: David Gonzalez, Nadja Hoyer-Booth, Peter Fruchtman, John Patrick Schutz, Suzie Devoe, Tyler Forrest) performed a staged reading of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” It was a great show. I finished the evening (as did most of the actors) at the Olde Village Inne sharing a plate of wings and a Caesar salad with my husband.

I wasn’t able to stay awake to finish watching the season finale of Dexter… so nobody better spoil it for me! With that, here’s what people were talking about while we were having fun this weekend:

Two excellent reviews in a row from MH the NYT.. Yesterday, she Alice went to Tavern at the Highlands Country Club in Garrison, where she finds chef Eric Gabrynowicz’s food and the restaurant’s vibe fancy-country and loves his rustic and satisfying dessert. (NYT)
Alice gets into more detail on the stollen for sale by Alex Grunert at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. (NYT) (Small Bites post here.)
James has a horrible experience at Nessa in Port Chester but he loves the chicken. (A Man Has To Eat.)
A hound is looking for information on the new Jade Village in Hartsdale. (CH)
In an article on great Italian restaurants and their simplest recipes, Food&Wine magazine features a recipe from Andy Nusser at Tarry Lodge in Port Chester: Fusilli alla Crazy Bastard. Funny story behind it.

This vibrant pasta, tossed with beet greens and creamy goat cheese, is an ode to Charles Barsotti’s 1994 New Yorker cartoon of a rigatoni noodle on the phone to a friend, exclaiming, “Fusilli, you crazy bastard!” Tarry Lodge chef Andy Nusser says: “Mario [Batali] and I saw the cartoon at the same time. It became the punch line to every joke.”

And, in a funny twist, a post from Doug, who visits Aberdeen in White Plains for dim sum breakfast yesterday — something I was inches away from doing myself. Would have been funny to see two bloggers there at once, right? (Hungry Travels.)


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  1. Note: Yesterday’s Westchester review was by Alice Gabriel, not M.H. Reed. The place sounded familiar (there aren’t that many restaurants in Garrison), and sure enough, AG also reviewed it on 01/23/2005. I guess the new chef merits the re-review (excellent this time vs. very good last time).

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