Photos and First Taste from SOMA 107


I stopped by for cocktails with friends on Friday night. The drinks were very well crafted, especially my Spiced Pear. (But then again, I’m a sucker for brandy. And pear. And rum.)

Well balanced; not too sweet. A great winter warmer. More cocktails — plus kobe beef corn dogs — after the jump.

This cocktail, the Dragon Blossom, has pear plum vodka, SoHo Lychee Liqueur, Strawberry Syrup and Cranberry Juice:

This one was a little sweet for me, but I know it will appeal to a lot of people. It wasn’t like a cherry Lifesaver, just didn’t have that bite.

Before Its Time: Level Vodka, Combier Orange Liqueur, Fresh Lemon Juice:

This was more like it, though very citrusy.

I’m very impressed with the cocktail list.

We tried three things from the lounge menu.

The Pig N2 ($13):

Braised pork shoulder that’s left in a hotel pan to harden up then cut into squares, breaded and fried. Holy hannah. The Rainbow Swiss chard and cabernet reduction below packed a wallop of flavor, but the pork was unfortunately a little dry. Bizarre considering the amount of fat that’s probably in it. Still, I’ll give this one another shot.

Duck confit spring rolls with Jack cheese, spinach, sundried tomatoes and buttermilk-chipotle ranch sauce ($10):

Too much other stuff to taste the duck confit. Fine and fun for the bar, but ….

And finally, a special, kobe beef corn dogs.

Wow. These were fantastic. The corn was crunchy on the outside but light and airy on the inside. And the beef was melting in my mouth. I would go back just for this. Put it on the regular menu!

So that’s it. Just a small sampling of dishes and drinks. But so far, looking quite good at Soma 107! (Soma, btw, stands for SOuth of MAin.)

The 411 on Soma 107.


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    I work for a design firm that creates an online publication for Benjamin Moore& Co. We are creating an inspiration article that talks about the colors used in Mixology. The Dragon Blossom was the drink we were hoping to obtain a photograph for specifically. Is it possible for us to have a high res version of that image and credit you as the photography source? Our publication releases early January so we’d love to hear from you soon. Thanks and happy cocktailing!

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