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Guest blogger Emily here: Working out as a group is better than working out alone. My team got together for a team workout at Bodyquest Gym in Blauvelt, NY and it was a very different experience than working out alone at home on my elliptical.

The Fit Friends (Maria, Marjory, Daout, Basil, and Me) @ Bodyquest in Blauvelt, NY

The Fit Friends (Maria, Marjory, Daout, Basil, and Me) @ Bodyquest Gym in Blauvelt, NY

Our instructor, Robin, led us through a kickboxing aerobic class, and it was intense. We worked out at a high intensity for 30 minutes without stopping. Being in the class with my 4 teammates and an instructor, I did not let myself stop. While it was hard, and I was exerting myself harder than I usually do, I pushed through it and felt great as a result. Working out at home is another story. I will go non-stop for 20 mins, until I really start to feel it, and then I come up with an excuse to get off — I need a water, the dog is in the way, I have to go to the bathroom, etc. I always get back on, but I have not yet completed 30 minutes consecutively. Being in the class, I didn’t even consider stopping! I was thirsty, but not enough to stop the workout. I think I need to workout in a group setting more often!

The Fit Friends during the workout.

The Fit Friends during the workout.

Bodyquest Gym, 582 Route 303, Blauvelt, NY, 845-680-0254


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