First Taste: Nyack Burger Hop — *UPDATED*


UPDATE: The Nyack Burger Hop is now closed.

The Nyack Burger Hop is open! I stopped in for lunch today.

The burger was fresh, juicy and delicious, and the standard toppings — pickle, caramelized onions and ketchup — make it even better.

The Nyack Burger Hop is in the weird building on Route 59 between the two Thruway entrances.

It was at one time a car dealer, then it was almost a porn shop. Now it’s a wholesome as the day is long.

Be sure to wear your sunglasses! Man oh man it was bright. It was also super hot, even on a frigid day. I don’t know how it’s going to feel in summer.

The burgers, humanely sized, are less than $2.

The fries are fresh cut. They’re very tasty, but could benefit from a double-fry. They weren’t that crispy.

Here’s the interior of the cheeseburger. It’s very satisfying.

I love the caramelized onions, which lent a sweet flavor to the dish. The buns were Martin’s potato buns. Perfect.

We also ordered delicious chili. I used it to top the burgers and my husband used it for chili fries!

All in all a great addition to the scene. I would make one suggestion: a jukebox, but with modern music. You can be inspired by the past without recreating the past. It jut might make the atmosphere more inviting for the teen-agers!

*UPDATE* This in from Deven Black, writer and restaurant critic for the Journal News:

Hi Liz,

I agree that it is a great burger and the fries are tasty but limp (thicker fries would help as much as double frying), but the place was definitely not hot this evening. It was so cold everyone kept their coats on, and the wind coming through the door just made it worse.

My son and I also tried the hot dog and the onion rings. they’re making fresh fries they should make fresh rings, too. They don’t; they come from a frozen bag. The hot dog is a bland pork and filler
dog, a real let-down after the burger.

If it gets warmer I’ll try a shake, otherwise I’m sticking to the burgers.


Looks like they have some temperature issues to work out!

The 411 on the Nyack Burger Hop.

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  1. Wonder if they are offering an organic beef option, or any other kinds of burgers: veggie burgers? turkey burgers? etc. Whole-wheat buns? organic ketchup? beverages other than soda? member of the Rockland Better School Food Coalition wants to know…..

  2. Ate here yesterday. Bravo… forget the name of the burger I had, but was a “triple”.. Glad I had my sunglasses. as far as veggie burgers, turkey burgers….organic ketchup, whole wheat buns…. The appeal in a place like this is the simplicity. Down the road in Nyack are plenty of places to have your organic meals. Keep this the way it is and it’ll do great!!! K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid

  3. Agree with VL JR. The beauty of the Hop is the simplicity. Gourmet burger joint options are tasty but exhausting. Short ribs, truffles, percentage of sirloin vs. kobe…feh. Sometimes I just want to go in and say “burger and fries please” and not have to think about it.
    Good luck to the Hop. I hope it’s around for a long time.

  4. Ate there the other day. Had a double-cheeseburger, fries, and washed it down with a strawberry milkshake. Everything was great! The fries were crispy, so perhaps they are doing something different with them? Also, they installed blinds so that should take care of some of the brightness issues.

  5. I work for a doctor’s office on Midland Ave in Nyack, and have been waiting for this place to open for months now.

    When it finally did open, a friend and I made it a point to come here. I can understand how the place would be hot and bright during the day, but we went on a cold Friday night. It was kind of chilly sitting down on the metal chairs. I agree with Mr. Black’s assessment. This is pretty much my only complaint.

    The food itself, though, speaks for itself. This place definitely lives up to the image that they put forth: a simple burger joint.

    I had a double cheeseburger and cheese fries. I also ordered a side of chili and dumped it over everything. Overall, it was tasty and did not disappoint. The price was pretty reasonable too. I’ll definitely be coming back.

  6. i try the venture of new burger hop oh well i never get a bad hamburger and fries like in this place the fries are full of oil and the hamburger no salt or pepper plain
    good luck

  7. I just tried this place yesterday and wow. I was very disappointed. My girlfriend had tried it a couple of days before me and did not have much good to say about it, but that didn’t stop me from trying it myself. So I gave it a shot. Being my first time there I wasn’t sure how everything worked, and the kid behind the counter told us that we had to order from one side, and pick up on the other. We ordered, and the place was empty so we decided to walk around the place a bit. Shortly after the kid grilling the burgers asked us how we wanted it cooked. I would think he didn’t know how to understand English as he gave us a look like we had 3 heads each. Finally he understood that last time the burger was to rare, so cook it a bit more this time.

    Then as he was preparing the burgers on the bun I asked if he could add lettuce and tomato to the burger. He responded with a slight attitude…”well you should have told the girl at the register” !?!?!?!? Please don’t tell me what I should or should not have done, I am the customer and I am sure that there is a kinder way of telling me that it costs extra, and just do as I ask. We will talk money later. I would bet if the manager/owner/boss was making the burger he would have realized that siding with a customer and abiding by their wishes is important to gaining a customer base, and making them happy. So I let the kid have it, and refused the extra toppings – I think this affected my appetite for the food.

    When I got home, I started munching on the food. Small burgers…chewy burgers…still hungry after wards. The onion rings were pretty decent, though we ordered the jumbo because two of us were eating them, just to find out the same amount that was in the regular was in the jumbo…so what did I pay for?

    So to conclude, I ordered my small a$$ burger, which is way over priced, from a 18 year old kid with an attitude problem, while getting beat on onion rings, and left me still hungry after wards. I am unsatisfied with the meal, and the service. I hope they get their act together because these little things matter in business, especially with a location like theirs, you need to do all you can to gain, and keep your customers. I have no problem with hitting up the mcdonalds right down the road, or better yet taking my business to the palisades mall.

  8. Hey, just tuned in to offer a review since I’ve eaten at The Hop about five times already, and think people should know this is a great spot for good food, fair value,a and very pleasant atmosphere. I was pretty surprised to read the comment above from Christopher. Quite the contrary to his experience, I found the food to be especially good and of good value. My favorite was the fresh and juicy burger. We’ve eaten there with another couple in the past week and must have tried everything, and there was definitely a difference between large and small orders of fries and onion rings. One of the reasons that’s brought us back for repeats to this place besides good food,is definitely that the help are very pleasant. Those that are in training, are clearly eager to learn and please. We overheard some people at a nearby table commenting about how nice the help is at this burger place.

    I love the fries there too, just would like them a little hotter and asked. The guy at the counter was more than happy to address this and keep me happy with hot fries. Maybe when you are pleasant, people are pleasant in return.

    Don’t miss out on a good thing. Try this place.

  9. Nyack Burger Hop= A Great Place!”
    February 08, 2009 – I ate at the Nyack Burger Hop this past weekend and I loved it. This place does it all like it should be done. The burgers are awesome, Fries made perfect and the shake that I had washed everything down . The price is spot on with no b.s.
    After looking at what other “bloggers” have written, I was shocked to see any negative comments. This is a place with staying power and they are aiming to please. The staff could not have been any nicer. There was a comment from Christopher regarding going to Mc Donalds– dude go to Mc Donalds and get a filet of fish too and a nuclear burger with chicken Mc nasty. Just get it over with and move to the middle of the country and get middle of the road product–but don’t compare the Hop with a frozen machine made product.
    Can’t wait to go back and eat more of their food this weekend!

  10. Pet Peeve with Burger Hop

    The menu board (when I was there 2 weeks ago)said:
    Lettuce and Tomato: $0.49

    I ordered two burgers with Lettuce and Tomato. I was charged $0.98 and $0.98 or $1.96 for a sliver of terrible tomato and a thin piece of wilted lettuce on each burger.

    I mentioned to the manager that “Lettuce AND tomato” implies you get both for $0.49 I suggested they change the sign to “Lettuce OR Tomato: $0.49 which is more honest. Her response: She agreed and said I should fill out a comment card. I said “no.. I just told you, that should be enough”

    I wasn’t impressed with the burgers once you paid for all the add ons. They just arent that good and they get expensive.

    The next week I went down the road to the new “Five Guys Burger and Fries” and ordered a double burger for about $5.79 and got a choice of ANY of the nearly two dozen possible toppings and thought the burger was amazing, filling, and delicious. The fries were the best ive ever eaten. Really.

    I have NO reason to go back to Burger Hop after Five Guys. Too bad for Burger Hop. The timing of their opening coinciding with a far superior burger joint two miles away is unfortunate for them. It just isn’t nearly as good.

    I’m apparently not the only one who is disappointed. I pass Burger Hop every night on my way home from work. The first week or two the parking lot was crowded. Now there is only a car or two…..

    Maybe they could sell sex toys at the location too. (inside joke for those that know the politics of their location) Just a thought.

  11. Best Burgers in Rockland:

    I have never logged on and wrote a review before so here goes—

    I took my 9-year-old son for dinner last night to the Nyack Burger Hop. I looked over at the grill (which was cool to see the food being cooked) and decided that between the two of us 5 burgers would be a good start. We added an order of fries and onion rings a chocolate shake and a coke.

    Took a look around while our food was cooking—great vibe in this place, bright, clean. Awesome décor with nostalgia and present day peppered in.

    Our burgers were delicious, easily the best I have had in Rockland–not over seasoned, not too fatty and greasy, perfect size and 5 was enough(3 for me and 2 for my son) I could probably have 4 or 5 myself, they are so good.
    I have been to 5 guys – they don’t have shakes and I usually end up spending 10-12 bucks there. (on fast food)

    The whole experience at Nyack Burger Hop was great—the guy behind the counter brought me my food—turns out he was the owner(Al)

    I told Al that his place reminded me of a place down in Hackensack-White manna –that place is smaller and tough to find a seat in- Nyack Burger Hops burger is similar—not as greasy.

    People like to voice their opinions and my opinion is that this place is great!

  12. As a vegetarian, I went to Burger Hop with a burger lover who wanted to check it out and who promised me we’d make a second stop to find something I could eat.
    To my delight and surprise they had a veggie burger on their menu. I ordered that along with a diet coke and large fries. The only thing missing was some vinegar- which I like for french fries that are homemade-like theirs.
    On my second trip I had a chocolate shake which was tremendous, nothing like a shake made with real milk and ice cream.
    This place is definitely a must, even for those of us who don’t eat meat!


  14. I went there yesterday. I’d really like this place to stay, but I’m not sure it will. Hope I am wrong. The reason – the staff. The women at the cash register was pleasant, I think I know who gave the attitude to the other poster above about the lettuce and tomato, because there was one guy who was very smug, he was leaning on the counter sipping a soda. This shouldn’t be done in front of customers. I ordered burgers, and a hot dog. The thing that really turned me off was and I don’t mean to be lewd, but the un-smug guy what I think-was unintentional handled the hot dog in a way that really turned me off. If we wasn’t wearing gloves I would not have taken it. The folks who I perceived to be the owners were very nice, and corrected mistakes as they were made. I also ordered a shake which was good. I hope the owners read this and can tighten up the ship. They should check out five guys, I’ve been there 3 times already, the staff are pretty tight friendly and respond well to customer requests, like extra pickles after you’ve placed an order, etc. Burger hop would be a good place for those nice summer nights, they’re going to have car service which could be fun.

  15. Leaning on a counter and sipping a soda should not be done in front of customers?? Are they allowed to swallow, move their arms, breathe or stand in your mere presence?? Speaking of a smug *sshole-like attitude! Would you like them to walk a few miles away from the joint when they want to take a drink of soda?? You sir are an idiot.

  16. A 9 OUT OF 10
    Two things prompted me to post an opinion here. 1) I added a suggestion to the suggestion box at the Hop. Next time I was there, my suggestion was on every table. 2) Every time I return to the Hop I see familiar faces who recognize and greet me, like in a neighborhood place I use to go to on Fordham Road in the Bronx.

    We(family) live in the area, and have been going to and enjoying the Hop since the second week they were open with family and friends. Food and experience are great. The value and quality hands down is a no brainer. Original atmosphere is fun for everybody.

    I am disappointed in what appears to be more mean spirited than constructive comments here and there above to the point I wonder if they are real or planted by people worried about competition.


    The Hop isn’t a faceless deep pocketed chain of mass production. As many now know, Burger Hop is one small family, working hard to please and get by like the rest of us. Thank goodness they’ve kept it here in Nyack, away from me too shopping centers.
    This place is a blessing both experience and what they bring in originality.

    Highly Satisfied,
    9 out of 10

  17. I want the place to work, I stated that in my post. Sue – I really don’t like your tone, nor your foul language. I have been in the quick service food business for many years, and there’s a time and place for just doing nothing sitting around sipping soda while there are customers, dirty tables and your co-workers need your help.

  18. Oh, my tone and my language Michele! Heavens forbid! I really do no think that this type of joint is your “type” of place anyway! If you are offended by the sight of an employee taking a sip of soda, then I don’t think there is much a business can do to please you and your “standards”. And I like how you added things in your second post, it went from a guy innocently taking a drink of soda to mad chaos! Dirty tables, angry co-workers, too many customers! I think you are the type that want “your” workers to serve and serve and serve you….and serve you and serve you and NOTHING pleases you.

    I could care less if a worker is drinking soda as long as the food is good! People who are this hard to please should stay home and stop terrorizing the rest of society.

  19. I think you’d see that ive commented about many other restaurants on this blog over the past year or two, so it is pretty evident that i dont work for Burger Hop’s competition…..

    I just dont think its nearly as good as Five Guys. Just my opinion. Sure everyone has a right to make a living, and i wish them the best of luck, but in any business, i believe in survival of the fittest.

    Im not going to repeatedly frequent a restaurant that I dont think is that good. and i have a right to give my opinion. I gave it a chance once and tried the food, and i’ll probably give it another chance some day.

    Burger Hop has a lot of areas to work on in my opinion. If i want a burger, Im going to Five Guys. Its just better.

  20. Sue,

    If Michele is commenting about what she looks for in a restaurant, why are you taking it so personally?

    I dont think i want to be watching service staff slouched over a counter and being so casual and sipping drinks while they are supposed to be “serving” their customers. Its just not professional.

    Blog comments are a forum for people to express their viewpoints and opinions hopefully in a constructive way. I value opinions that people have here,pro and con, and most of Liz’s readers are quite capable, Im sure, of making their own judgements independantly.

    Expressing one’s opinion, Sue, is hardly “terrorizing the rest of society”

  21. When I saw the two new burger places open for business, I put them on my list to visit. We don’t have any place really in the county for good burgers, since cheeburger cheeburger went out of business (palisades mall).

    I brought my family to five guys first since we are in Nanuet more than we are in Nyack. Five guys was ok, but the burger had peices of bone or grizzle in the chop meat that I kept finding when eating it. The fries were pretty good. We were disappointed that they were a chain and didn’t give the whole burger place experience. My wife said they should have shakes. I wouldn’t be in a rush to go back anytime soon since it was nothing to write home about.

    We when to the Burger hop in Nyack the next week. I was surprised to see how small the burgers were, but the price was relative to the size, so I was ok with it. The burgers were very tasty and much better than five guys. I happen to like the soggy fries, but my wife made a comment that she would like them less soggy, which didnt make sense since we put vinegar on them anyway. She munched down the second jumbo order faster than I could get to them so I don’t think it bothered her too much. The shakes were a great surprise. They were delicious! Everything was great and I learned that I need the same amount of burgers here as you would order at Mcdonalds since they are about the same size. Five guys were bigger burgers but more money and much less tasty.

    The Burger Hop is the whole experience with great food and nice people. You can tell that they were going through some growing pains but that is what every new business must go through. I am with the other post that I would like to really see a local business who is bringing back a lost experience from yesteryear to our kids.

    I pray that some of the bad element of Nyack doesn’t move into the place and make it unsafe to be there. Hopefully the owner and Orangetown police will be all over it and make sure any loitering by bad element is kept to a minimum. I was happy to see an Orangetown patrol car sitting in the parking lot this sunday morning when we went to Hogans for breakfast (as we do every sunday morning – another great local place to eat breakfast).

  22. Went for lunch with my family today, a rainy Sunday. My 5 yr old twins, who are notoriously picky, surprised me by eating 2 cheeseburgers each, and basically they were in burger joint heaven for what became a rather long and lazy and very pleasant lunch. We just couldn’t stop going back to the counter and ordering something more to try, including fries, onion rings, shakes, etc.

    I generally am a consciously healthy eater, but I knew what I was getting into when we decided to go here (immediately after my long morning workout no less). I also own bars and restaurants, including a top rated new american fine dining restaurant praised by the NY Times. I also right and lecture on wine and food. So inevitably most folks who know me just a little assume I am a wine and food snob (wrongly, of course). Even so, healthy and privileged eating habits aside, I can tell you with an odd kind of authority, this is a great little place, with lots of good stuff going for it.

    The beef is good quality and properly handled, resulting in an extremely tasty burger. The fries and onion rings, while you could argue style preferences all day long, are satisfying. Great shakes. Even the hot dogs have a clean, not too strong flavor, and a nice casing pop when you bite in.

    The doo-wop decor and funky mid-century architecture are fun and put you in the right mood to relax and have a good time with your family and friends – which after all is what a place like this is most about.

    As for service and such, judge a place on its own terms. If you are looking for refinement and obsequious bowing to your ego, you shouldnt be here (and you should expect to pay a lot more). If you are making comparisons to chain restaurants like the evil McD empire, I dont really have much to say to you, except stop poisoning yourself. The kids and folks who work here were eager to please, friendly, competent and attractive. They brought trays to our table over and over, looked me in the eye and smiled (compare THAT to the chains), said please and thank you, took trash away, etc. – really more than you should expect in a place like this – and certainly more than youre paying for.

    I don’t doubt for a moment that the warmer weather will bring the crowds this place needs to ensure success – its earning them with all of the above, plus an obviously engaged owner with a watchful eye, and a disciplined, clear, simple vision of what it wants to be. And I must say I agree that some of the comments above, if not directly from the rightly-nervous competition down the block, certainly sound suspicious, based on my own experience at Burger Hop. Go. Support a local business family bringing something of value to the town. Have a great burger and a shake. And be sure to have a few laughs = some of you guys need to lighten up.

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