Pig Pen Bar & BBQ Opens in New City


The Pig Pen Bar & BBQ opened this month in the New City Plaza in New City. It’s a real Southern place, says owner Mike Termine. “With cold beer and sloppy food.”

He smokes St. Louis-style ribs — no baby backs — for 7 to 10 hours over hickory, and uses applewood for chicken and salmon. He also makes pulled pork and Texas brisket and serves burgers, fried chicken and catfish. A specialty is the frickle — a fried pickle.

There are four housemade sauces: the Pig Pen original (the house sauce), a spicy version of the Pig Pen original; a mustard-based sauce and a vinegar-based one.

The restaurant, which is in one-half of what used to be Khaki’s clothing store, is decorated in all-natural materials such as used brick and old wood. There are wide-planked wood floors.

There are 12 draft lines for beer, and, to keep with a Southern feel, Termine is serving other beers in cans, not bottles. There is also a full bar with a nice selection of bourbons.

The kitchen is open from noon to 10 p.m. daily, and there’s a late-night bar menu of burgers, wings and chicken fingers served until 4 a.m.

The 411 on Pig Pen Bar & BBQ.

Here is the menu.

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  1. The Pig Pen is a fabulous place for food and a few drinks. The only thing that really irritates me is the stores that surround it. Places like Dulce, Zambetty (i think this is how you spell it), The new VERY EXPENSIVE clothing store next door, and a hand bag shop. I feel this place would be more appreciated where people are more of the working class.

    Like Baileys in Blauvelt, the people really enjoy each other. The 3 times I’ve been to the Pig Pen, people that hold there nose high in the air have been there….KILLING THE VIBE!

  2. After reading the reviews and loving barbecued food, I was excited to try The Pig Pen in New City. What a disappointment. After finally being seated, our group was ready to order. On Saturday at 6 PM they were already out of beef short ribs which told me that planning was not very good, especially for early on a Saturday night. When our order finally came, the side orders were not only wrong but were completely cold. The bucket of onion rings never came even though we reminded the waiter at least twice. The menu didn’t give you the ability to mix different kinds of barbecue selections as other restaurants do. You either had to have one or the other. The majority of tables are on one side of the restaurant and a long very noisy bar is on the other. To say the restaurant was loud was putting it mildly. Our group couldn’t even hear each other talk. The pork ribs were excellent but the service, although repeatedly apologetic was horrible. I kind of got the feeling that the kitchen was very unorganized or understaffed. I will give it another few months to get the kinks out and hopefully things will get better. As for now I will be going to my regular place in Blauvelt.

  3. Absolutely horrible. What a screwed up disfunctional establishment. If the lack of service and organization continue this joint will bang up in less than a year.

  4. we just got home from eating there, and will NEVER go back. we ordered 2 appetizers to start…1 came out with the entrees. our server said the other would be out shortly…i pointed out we already had our entrees, and her response was “so do you want it or not?”. after that the owner came to our table, and said “he’d take care of it”. all that meant was the wings came out another 5 minutes later. would not recommend.

  5. If you’re looking for the Best BBQ ribs and chicken in Rockland County, the place to go is Kickin’ Chicken in Nanuet. Their food is unbelievable and very reasonable priced. The Kickin’ BBQ sauce is totally unique and tastes amazing. Their ribs are the best I’ve ever had, but I also love their chicken and hot wings. They offer takeout and delivery, and have a few tables if you want to stay and eat. All the food is cooked fresh so call ahead and they’ll have it ready when you get there. I recommend everyone to give them a call and try it out.
    142 S. Middletown Rd. (845) 215-9870

  6. The food is not bad but its more of a bar. Kickin Chicken in Nanuet does have better ribs..

  7. Hmmm,
    I see a lot of negative reviews but I am kind of a regular and I have never had any of these kind of problems. The food is good and the service is adequate. The dry rubbed ribs and candied yams are excellent. I was turned on to this place by a real Texan who loves the place,
    Check it out and make your own decision.

  8. Despite the previous comments i thought that everyone should know about the REAL pig pen.

    Disregard the failed attempt at cooking classic BBQ and look closer at the way this business is run.

    Owner Termini ( formally of the failure ZOO BAR Nyack, NY) has no business sense and clearly lacks the adequate management skills to run a staff, let alone his restaurant.

    I feel bad for anyone who has to do business with him in the future. I feel even worse for anyone who desides to work at his establisment.

    The food is greasy, yet the staff is still friendly and helpful.

  9. I go there to watch football games. The owner Mike, is an icompetent bufoon and treats his staff horribly…A good staff he does not deserve (a sign of the poor economy allows him to get good help) very hot looking ladies tending bar but this cheap owner kicked Linda, the vivacious. lovely bar tender to the curve. On a Sunday with 2 NFL title games on he sent her home and replaced her with his far less competent teen age niece The place was jammed and needed more help..What a moron It will go out of business soon enough as customers are angry with him

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