Thin-Crust Pizza at Roma in Tuckahoe


Wow. I can’t believe I’ve never been to Roma. Whoever says there’s no good pizza in Westchester is wrong. Dead wrong. This is crisp, well balanced and delicious. And going to the restaurant is a hoot. It’s a step back in time.

I think you can see what I mean from the font of the menu:

It’s like the “Godfather” meets “A Chorus Line.”

And the lights above the bar also scream 1970s to me:

But the restaurant has been around for more than 75 years. I believe this not its original location, though. Here’s a look around:

Not the most beautiful of places, but perfectly comfortable to take the family. And I hear that’s what a LOT of people do. My friend says it’s so packed you can’t get in on a Friday or Saturday night, and when you sit down, they say: “Do you want to order a pizza?” because they take a while to bake and you have to get your order in right away.

As for our order, it was taken by an amazing waitress named Elizabeth. She’s a people person: so friendly, joking around, laughing and still very efficient. Lucky is the day when Elizabeth is your waitress. She brought us our Caesar, which is big enough for four people to share:

A little cold, but nicely dressed (not too gloppy) and nice shavings of parm. Perfectly acceptable and just what you’re looking for in a pizza-joint Caesar.

Now for the main attraction:

Look at that crust! You know how sometimes after a pizza meal, you’ll see strips of crusts lying on people’s plates? Nu-uh. Not here. This is the kind of crust people fight over. It’s crispy and charred (but not too much) and with just the right chew to the dough.

I enjoyed the plain more than the mushroom. I think once you put toppings on a pizza you can take away from the delicate balance. (Although I must admit, when I was leaving, I overheard a woman getting her takeout order, and she had requested a pizza with egg. That would be my downfall.) We ate precisely one half of each pizza and one-quarter of the Caesar. We took it home and had an amazing dinner, too.

The 411 on Roma.


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  1. If I remember correctly this is its third location, the orignal was torn down decades ago in the big “Urban Renewal” push Tuckahoe had. Can never ever forget as a little kid, going into thru the “Family Entrance” which by-passed the bar and brought you rignt into the dining room. I was always fascinated by the bar-room, strangely lit with pale blue neon lighting (or some type of dim, light blue lighting)… and Ida. How I miss her still – she was larger than life, the orignal wisecracking waitress, a proud BBW – and eventually became my unoffical cummare.
    The pies have never diminished in their awesomeness – I know people who will occassionally come down from Putnam and Dutchess Counties just to get their fix. Try the pork chops with the hot cherry peppers too….hmmm… may have to do a road trip this weekend now….

  2. No good pizza in Westchester? You have to try Johnnie’s (Brick oven)in Mt. Vernon. Also, Sal’s in Mamaroneck. I live in Rockland but when I am in Westchester, I make it one a stop on my route.
    Liz, have you ever tried Il Bacio in Bronxville? Go for the Margarita pizza, grilled asparagus with Parmagian Cheese and the polenta with wild mushrooms and cheese. Awesome food. Would love your opinion.

  3. Diana Costello on

    pizza looks awesome. gotta try this place. and thanks for the other suggestions, jenny.

  4. My husband and I grew up in the Bronx; lived in many states, and overseas. We live in California now and cannot get a good pizza; almost never eat them here. My sister lives in Tuckahoe,and when we come back to visit,the first meal we eat is a Roma pizza. Thin, thin crust just like we had growing up in the Bronx (a slice and a Coke.) It’s heaven! Our teenagers know this is the best pizza they ever had. Hey Roma, see you in June!

  5. Yes, the food and the pizza is GREAT>…. but it’s also a really GREAT place to work. I should know, I work there….and for amost 7 years now!

  6. Yes, the pizza is good but it’s unfortunate that the service is downright miserable and pathetic. Last night, we were seated without menus and had to wait close to 10 minutes before the owner stopped chatting with some regulars before we could even get a menu. Then the waitress forgot our sodas until after the meal was practically over. We could not even get someone to refill our water glasses. Yesterday was the second time that we went to Roma’s and it will be the last time too.

  7. After several visits for what we considered excellent pizza, we faced exactly the same issues as Jennifer. After we were seated a waitress with gray hair and raspy voice dropped one menu on our table and said “Well, here’s one”. About five minutes later she asked if we knew what we wanted. I asked for a drink and my wife asked for a menu. The waitress then proceeded to another table to chat with the parents of another worker, talked for fully ten minutes, then walked away. After about twenty minutes with no menu, bread, or sign of service we decided to leave. Yes, I did actually get the drink and yes, I paid for it as we left when the waitress told the gentleman at the bar “They’ve decided to leave.” Last time for us, too!!

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