Hudson Valley Restaurant Week: 42 in White Plains


With the live show going on from 42 last night, I didn’t have much time to report for a proper blog post, but I did fire off a few shots. The chicken that I ate was juicy and delicious and the truffle jus was rich and decadent:

It was served over a potato puree with frizzled leeks.

More than 80 restaurants throughout the Hudson Valley are offering $28.09 dinners and $20.09 lunches through April 3 except Saturday. (Caveat: check the Web site to see which restaurants are offering which meals. Not all are offering both.)

Every day through April 3, we’ll be covering a different restaurant here on Small Bites. Last night, we did it live! Check out the replay here!

To see photos of the meal — and a little behind the scenes action, follow the jump.

Here was my view… our director Rory:

And joining me for dinner were my esteemed guest bloggers, Doug Yuan of and Dina Braun, Westchester foodie extraordinaire.

Thanks to Chris Serico of Hudson Valley Metromix for these photos… he covered the event and is planning a nice photo gallery, so check that out later, too!

Here’s Chris, working:

On to the dinner… the first thing we noticed was how beautiful the little details were. Even the scoop of butter and the four different salts on the table were elegant.

The first course is a leek and potato soup. I forgot to take photos right away, so it’s not all the way full. Sorry! Lot of my plate, so to speak…

Nice depth of flavor, great texture and I loved the little kick from the cress. I know Dina and Doug liked it, too.

After the soup, chef Anthony Goncalves stopped by for a little chat. Look at the windows… too bad the view was obscured last night! (I must say, though, later in the evening, the raindrops on the glass looked like little beads of light as they hit the surface and reflected. It was really beautiful.)

Thanks again to Chris for these photos. Go MMX!

For our entrees, we had one of each. Dina had the skate with
brown butter and capers:

It was a gorgeous texture. The pieces flaked apart and were etherally light. There was a brown butter sauce with capers and tomatoes, and I adored the acidic finish. It was served over wilted spinach and had a fennel leaf garnish.

Here, again, is my chicken. A ballotine of chicken breast rolled with herbs and olive oil.

A very nice portion, I’d say. As I said before… very juicy. The sauce was rich (who doesn’t love the flavor of truffles?) and the potato puree was a nice base to soak everything up! Fried leeks, too.

Here is Doug’s pork  brined Berkshire center cut pork loin over Parmesan polenta with an apricot-raisin  mostarda and roasted carrots.

I loved the sweet-sour flavor of the dish,and the pork was pink and juicy.

For dessert:

Chocolate Orange Coupe
Chocolate Mousse, Burnt Orange Reduction,
Orange Curd, Blood Orange Pâté de Fruits

The pastries at 42 are incredible, too. You look at this and think: what? it’s chocolate pudding. But with each spoonful, another layer of flavor unfolds before you. Chocolate, orange, caramel, milk… delicious.

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Want to see the meal live? Click back one post to the player here.

Here’s the menu:

Restaurant Week Menu
$28.09 Plus Tax, Gratuity, and all Beverages
Reservations Available Tuesday March 24th – Friday March 27th
5:00-6:30pm and 9:00-9:30
A gift from the Chef to welcome guests to the restaurant
* * *
Soup du Jour
Seasonal Soup of the Day
* * *
Choice of :
Melted Leeks, Dark Chicken Jus
Soft Polenta, Roasted Vegetables, Mostarda
Brown butter and capers
* * *
Chocolate Orange Coupe
Chocolate Mousse, Burnt Orange Reduction,
Orange Curd, Blood Orange Pâté de Fruits

The 411 on 42.

The meal was delicious — but obviously not a typical experience, what with all the cameras and blogging and Twittering. So please share your experiences and reviews below.

There’s an incentive: I’ll choose my two favorite comments and give away a pair of tickets to the Greater New York Wine & Food Festival May 15 an 16 at the Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown. Chefs Brian Lewis of Bedford Post, Andy Nusser of Tarry Lodge, Peter Kelly of X20 and many many more — including Top Chefs Leah Cohen (of Scarsdale!) and Lisa Fernandez. Check out the web site here!


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