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The thirty-minute drive from our house landed us at the intersection of horse country and a large lit farmhouse known as 121 Restaurant and Bar. Although we had been there times before, we were looking forward to something new on the HVRW menu. The three-course meal was simple with a choice of Clam Chowder or Goat Cheese Salad, Flat Iron Steak or Seared Wild Bass and Chocolate Lava Cake was the only dessert offered.

Out of our group of six, no one could be convinced to order the wild bass so three of us ordered the same thing and the others mixed it up with the regular menu. A generous bowl of the chowder arrived surrounded by a table of salads.

Even though there was a complaint that the chowder was too rubbery, I gladly switched halfway to finish the rich, creamy bowl of goodness and even wondered how they got the carrots and potato so precisely diced and soft.

The fried bubble of goat cheese in the salad was oozing with a creamy warmth and was big enough to ensure every bite of lightly dressed greens was delicious. So much that you hardly noticed the substitution of pear chutney for caramelized onions.

The steak was cooked to our liking and had a sweet grilled flavor on the outside, which balanced the topping of Stilton compound butter. The pile of bright, fresh green beans were crunchy and sweet next to the baked tower of potato gratin.

Though dessert was supposed to be a cake, with the first spoonful, it was a melted mound of chocolate running all over the plate. It still satisfied the sweet tooth!

The atmosphere at 121 Restaurant and Bar is intimate and friendly. The bar is comfortably noisy and the dining room warm and inviting offering simple quality food in the country.

The 411 on 121.


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  1. I was there as well last week for the “specials”…and couldn’t agree more. Cheers!

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