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Hi this is guest blogger Rinku from Cooking in Westchester again. I am wondering just how much fatter I am going to be by the end of the next week with all this eating, but then I again I am always eating under the guise of being a foodie.

Well for a change of pace, my husband Anshul and I drove a little further North than we usually go for things to Chappaqua. Our destination was an elegant, lovely colonial inn – yes the Kittle House. The amazing tranquility and graciousness of the structure deceptively masked the bustle within the restaurant, all wonderfully handled by the very competent wait staff. The restaurant was very busy filled with lots of elegantly dressed patrons.

Well we did lunch again. I did feel that the menu was a little limited but the choices were lovely the food influenced by the local flavors of the season. For the appetizer my husband tried the carrot ginger soup —

— which I tasted enough to get a good sense of the flavors. The soup was lovely, fluffy smooth and complete with the tiniest bits of ginger. I tried the asparagus risotto —

— which had in my opinion a little too much cheese so it tasted just a tiny bit too sharp against the smoothness and gentle flavor of the tender asparagus.

The other appetizer selection was a salad choice. They had three main course options as well – a skirted flank steak which we did not try and then a choice of fish – mahi mahi seved with black lentils and brussels sprouts.

I tried their organic hudson valley roast chicken which came with a side of mashed potatoes and broccoli. For both these dishes the vegetables were an amazing experience, while the sprouts did have a generous dose of butter they were cooked to tender brown perfection and the broccoli that accompanied the chicken is something that I could eat everyday (especially with those creamy mashed potatoes.

Of course the best part of any meal the dessert came next. The only choice that we did not try was the sorbet trio. Anshul tried the apple pie a la mode, which came beautifully presented, with a pool of caramel sauce on the side.

We did not like this dessert as much as my choice, the apples seemed to be a little too plain and the crust a little too soft, a hint of tartness would have completed the marriage of flavors better.

The chocololate panna cotta that I ordered was too die for, I could eat those everyday for all my meals and I am not a chocolate fan. Here the chocolate was garnished with tangy sweet mango slices and lovely crisp toasted coconut. Just a perfect ending to a wonderful meal!

The restaurant was bright with white linen and beautiful red roses on the tables. The view of the garden still did not have enough green but I think will be lovely in a few weeks.

Sorry…. no menu available either on the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week web site or the Kittle House web site.

The 411 on The Kittle House.


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  1. Thanks for posting that. Too bad you could not get a copy of the menu to post, since as you say it is not on their site or HVRW’s.

  2. BTW, was the mahi mahi really as ugly as your picture makes it seem. And how was the fish and chicken? It seems like you focused on the sides — is this because you didn’t want to say anything bad about the dishes? I was actually planning to go to Kittle House for lunch this week but now I am rethinking it (although I’m not sure that there are a lot of good lunch choices otherwise, Harvest on Hudson’s lunch menu does not look very exciting and Tavern is not open for lunch on the day I’m planning to go).

  3. We went to Kittle House Friday night. Food was excellent, but there was too much hustle and bustle in the crowded restaurant. Noise level was very loud, probably because of the number of large groups throughout the dining room. I was told when I called for reservations that the menu changes daily, so that’s why it isn’t posted. Didn’t see too many “elegantly dressed” patrons — seems as if jackets for men at dinner in fine restaurants are passe.

  4. I called today and the menu they read me was exactly the same as was posted here. I’m going with some co-workers Tuesday for lunch. Unless I see a mahi mahi going out that looks a lot better than the ugly piece of fish pictured here, I’ll be going for the fish. And from past visits, I think the steak is probably the best choice of the 3, but I do not eat red meat.

  5. All right, the afternoon I went there were a fair number of well dressed (make that elegantly dressed ladies), the restaurant was busy but not terribly noisy.

    The mahi mahi I did not eat it looked plain and unfortunately paired with the dark lentils does not make a very pretty dish. However all the food that I did eat was pretty good minus some of the items that I have mentioned. The sides were a very pleasant surprise to me especially their brocolli so I thought this was worth a mention.

  6. Today was my annual Restaurant Week lunch with co-workers (one of whom recently became a former co-worker due to company layoffs, unfortunately). For lack of a better choice nearby, and because we’d had good RW experiences there in the past, we chose the Kittle House (last year we also ate at Tavern but they’re closed Tuesdays so it was not an option today). When we arrived at 12:30, the dining room was fairly empty and I commented that the 2nd week of RW was not nearly as popular as the first, but around 1:00 the restaurant started getting busier so maybe I was wrong. Anyway, the menu was as described here, although the salad was definitely worth mentioning. It was assorted greens with a large round slice of goat cheese and thinly sliced apples. The greens were coated with a maple dressing that almost appeared to be sprayed on, because there was no dressing in the bottom of the bowl. My co-worker definitely enjoyed it (and actually passed it around so we could smell the maple). I had the asparagus risotto. First, I should mention that the other brown “stuff” in the picture here is mushrooms. It was kind of lukewarm when I got it, I probably should have sent it back but I didn’t. I didn’t care about the amount of cheese, although it probably would have been better if it were hotter since it would have allowed the cheese to melt in. One thing I did notice was that my risotto was greener than the photo here, which makes me wonder if it had been reheated or something. The rice did have a nice bite to it, so it wasn’t a total loss. For entrees, I had the chicken while my co-workers each got the mahi mahi (I didn’t understand why at least one of them did not get the steak, which we saw go out to another table and looked pretty good). Anyway, the chicken was as pictured and was ok but uninspired. The mashed potatoes were ok, as was the broccoli, but they didn’t do much to bring the dish above ok. As for the fish, the good news was it looked nothing like the photo here. It was nicely browned and larger than pictured. The bad news was that the taste was just ok, and I think it was a little dry (I never got to try it). Also, my co-worker who really likes lentils said they were not the same as the photo here (did we eat at the same place?) so he was disappointed.

    For dessert, I had the chocolate panna cotta and I am happy to say it was the best part of my meal. It was soft and creamy (and jiggly, as my wife would say, like the basil variety I had at John Michaels for last RW). There was coconut in the sauce and on top and it was so good I wish I could have licked the plate. Only down side, the mango was pretty tasteless. My co-workers both got the apple pie, and as mentioned here, it was disappointing (that did match the picture here). The pie crust was dry, almost like cookie dough, not at all flaky. The apples were also dry, as if there was no glaze or any attempt to keep them moist. Given that they apparently make these to order (as we were told when ordering), you’d think they could do something to make this actually be appealing.

    So, another mixed bag for RW. Service was just ok. I had to ask twice for extra bread, and after doing so the busperson came back out without bread to set up a table that no one was waiting for. Bread was half slices of a good crusty sourdough, but it was kind of strange to have such small pieces served individually. My first piece had a big air bubble in it, which left me with almost no soft inside to the bread. We were also given a plate of olives with the bread, but no one asked if we wanted more when we finished them. The friendliest server we dealt with was one who came over after we finished dessert and commented how much we must have liked it (we tried to convince her to bring us another round, sadly to no avail). Strangely, she was not even our server, so I don’t really know why she came over in the first place.

  7. Ed, Somers, NY on

    My wife and I celebrated our 35th anniversary last evening at the Kittle House. I had the crab appetizer followed by the short ribs. What can I say? The short ribs were so tender that even a fork didn’t do it justice. Perfectly cooked, the meat just fell off on its own. The mashed potatoes and squash
    were delicately placed under the meat in a large deep bowl; t made the whole experience wonderful. Dessert included a trio of sorbets with coffee. I had casually mentioned to the waiter that it was our 35 anniversary and when we received our dessert, it had a chocolate “Happy Anniversary”
    around the bowl on both our plates.

    The dining room was full but the service never faltered. When we left, both Crabtrees — senior and junior, shook our hands and thanked us for coming. The Kittle House is a class operation with outstanding food, great service, and the right kind of professional attitude that will keep us coming back for more. A+

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