Hudson Valley Restaurant Week: Union Restaurant & Bar Latino in Haverstraw


I was just blown away by the quality of the food tonight at Union in Haverstraw. For Hudson Valley Retaurant Week, meaning for less than 30 bucks, chef-owner David Martinez is putting out a fantastic dinner, using bold flavors and top-notch ingredients.

Here’s the video. For more photos and the blog post, take the jump.

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More than 80 restaurants throughout the Hudson Valley are offering $28.09 dinners and $20.09 lunches through April 3. (Caveat: check the Web site to see which restaurants are offering which meals. Not all are offering both.)

Every day through April 3, we’ll be covering a different restaurant here on Small Bites.

Tonight, it was Union in Haverstraw — and I’m mighty happy about that. Chef-owner David Martinez and co-owner Paulo Feteira have a great place on their hands, and everyone I spoke to tonight completely loved their meal. I’m so embarrassed — between Twittering and blogging and taking video and actually trying to pay attention to what I was eating, I forgot to take still photos of the dinner guests I spoke to for Small Bites. But trust me when I say — and you’ll see when you watch the video — that everyone was raving. Especially about this Hudson Ravioli:

The ravioli are filled with spinach and ricotta and served with enoki mushrooms and a truffle broth. Wow. Just wow. Delicate and light yet satisfying and rich all at once. I see why everyone is raving.

Here is the barbecue pork taco with apple and cabbage coleslaw and pineapple salsa:

Also delicious. Nice tortilla. The pulled pork inside was a little sweet — I wouldn’t have minded a bit more kick… but that’s just personal tasted. Very nice side garnishes. The dish really did work.

Scallops with cauliflower mousse and walnut-parsley pesto.

Very well prepared. Medium rare. Sweet. Nice caramelization. Just the right amount of garnish, too.

Close up:

The restaurant was pretty well full up when I got there. But by the time I’d done all my other work and sat down to order, I was among the few left when it came time for entrees. The hailstorm probably kept a lot of people home, too. Here’s a look around:

David and Paulo used to work for Peter Kelly, so I’ve known them a long time. Even though we ordered two other entrees, David couldn’t resist sending out a sample of one of the others… this ahi tuna with white sesame seeds. It was a $10 supplement on the regular HVRW menu, but if you’re in the mood for tuna, go for it:

Soft tuna with a nice crunch and a pop and a nuttiness from the seeds.

Here’s the habanero pork chop with zucchini, onions, peppers and whipped potatoes:

I liked this… the flavors were brassy and the meat was tender and juicy. But I so very much loved the fish and chips —

— that I wanted to keep this dish all to myself instead of trading off with my husband. The halibut was soft and flaky and the sauce was lemony and bright. Those are yuca fries on the sides, so it’s a nice twist on regular ol’ fish and chips. Big winner.

For dessert. Everyone was also raving about the baked alaska:

Nice. Pretty sauce, huh? The meringue was crispy and melted on my tongue.

Gorgeous chocolate mousse:

The candied almonds at the bottom were a nice surprise.

Strawberries with sabayon made with Me Oko vodka — a strawberry vodka produced right over in Garnerville.

I know it doesn’t look gorgeous, but it tasted very nice.

Seriously — another great HVRW meal. I don’t know how these guys are doing it… but they are. Definitely put Union on your list — restaurant week or not.

Oh, and PS — David’s whole family works at the restaurant, too. Here he is with his wife, Maria, who cooks next to him on the line:

And here he is with Maria and his two sons, William (left) and David (right):

Those guys are doing great in the front of the house, too. And kudos to Paulo for running a tight ship. Everyone had a great time.

The menu (as posted on…. not exactly what I had…):

Hudson Ravioli
Spinach, ricotta, truffle oil, enoki mushroom & Millbrook broth
BBQ Pork Taco
Apple, red cabbage coleslaw & pineapple salsa
Main scallops ala plancha
Cauliflower mousse & walnuts parsley pesto
Pork Chop Havanero
Sautéed onion, peppers & whipped potatoes
Market Fish ala Cerveza
Baby bock choy clams, tomato & Defiant beer consomé
Pollo ala Plancha
Chicken, zucchini, orzo & mushroom ragout
Fresh Strawberries
meOkO Sabayon
Baked Alaska
Meringue & raspberry sauce
Chocolate Mousse
Candid almonds

The 411 on Union.


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Liz Johnson is content strategist for The Journal News and, and the founding editor of lohudfood, formerly know as Small Bites. As food editor, she won awards from the New York News Publishers Association, the Association of Food Journalists and the Associated Press. She lives in Nyack with her husband and daughter on a tiny suburban lot they call their farm — with fruit trees, an herb garden, and a yardful of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, shallots, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, cabbage, peppers, Brussels sprouts and carrots and four big blueberry bushes.


  1. Good to see these guys doing good. Worked with both for years and they deserve all the success in the world.

  2. Barry Fitzgerald on

    Union is among the very best restaurants in Westchester/Rockland. It’s well worht the trip to Haverstraw.
    Dr. Barry Fitzgerald

  3. Union reminds me of…hmmm…no other restaurant I’ve been to. The food is outrageously wonderful, the staff are pleasant, professional and prompt. The setting is comfortable and the tables are not on top of one another, giving one room and privacy. This place is a keeper.

  4. Ricardo Gomez on

    Congrats Popo…Handsomely deserved.

    Felicitations pour toi, tes collegues et ta famille

    Ricardo 😉

  5. Ellen Domingos on

    I can’t wait to go back! It has been too long! Congrats on the rave reviews-you deserve it!!


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