Milonga Wine & Tapas Coming To North White Plains


Milonga, a new wine and tapas bar, is coming to the North White Plains location that was formerly Sweewater’s, Jimmy Lee’s and The North End. Cross your finers for Milonga Wine & Tapas. A message on the answering machine says the restaurant is opening soon, but I haven’t been able to get any more information.

One correction: It was previously reported that Peter Herrera of Sam’s of Gedney Way was the owner of Milonga. This is not the case.

The 411 on Milonga Wine & Tapas.


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  1. hi

    i just let you know that milonga in north white plains is open. There just having a soft opening until they get they licor liscense.

  2. I ate here last night because it was a tapas restaurant; however there were no tapas to be seen on the menu. As we left we found out that the tapas are only served at the bar! Not only were we not told this, but it is strange to have tapas in your tagline if it is not served in the main dining room. The food was decent but the restaurant is having an identity crisis in regards to being a Spanish or Italian restaurant. Whatever it is, it is def. not a tapas restaurant!

  3. As someone who has traveled to Spain more than the average tourist, I would like to explain the concept of Tapas. Tapas (small plates…small bites:) are meant to be shared with friends and enjoyed with drinks at the bar (i.e. causal setting). The bar at Milonga provides the perfect setting for the tapas experience. I would recommend the empanadas with a side of their delicious chimichurri. You MUST try a glass (or two;) of the red sangria, served with a very generous pour. I loved it!
    The dining room of Milonga’s provides more of an upscale ambiance without being overly stuffy. They offer an extensive menu ranging from appetizers starting at $8 to a full choice of entrees starting from $17 & up. I am not usually a desert person but do try the flan. Consisting of a creamy texture that can only be described as Grandma’s homemade, you will not be disappointed.
    While dining there I had the pleasure to meet the most gracious hosts Antonio & Max. Also there, was the beautiful owner Myriam who sent over another glass of their awesome sangria. I found the service to be knowledgeable and prompt. Overall, we had a pleasurable experience making for a great night.
    I’ve heard of the comparisons to Tango Grill but I must say that I went once and never had the desire to return. Milonga’s, I’m happy to say I will definitely be back to.
    Seeing all the workmanship and the details that has gone into the creation of Milonga’s, I truly wish the owners Felicitaciones y que tengas Suerte!
    p.s. If like me, you critique restaurants on the decor of the Woman’s room, take a peek at theirs. You will feel as if you stepped into a top spa. Ladies…it’s gorgeous!

  4. My husband and I went last night and had a similar experience as Francis. It was a beautiful evening and we wanted to eat outside and thought that we would try the new tapas restaurant. We were extrememly disappointed when we were told that they would not serve tapas outside of the bar area. We were pretty surprised because the restaurant wasn’t exactly full. We decided to leave. We would not recommmend this restaurant. I can’t see what new restaurant takes its place!!

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