Photos of Molly Spillane’s! Grand Opening Is Tomorrow Night!


Last night I got the grand tour of the new Molly Spillane’s in Mamaroneck. It’s all set to open to the public tomorrow. And judging from the crowd’s reaction last night, it should be a big hit.

It’s right on Mamaroneck Avenue. There is sidewalk seating in front (last night the railing had just arrived and they didn’t have time to install it before opening!)

And, as you can see from the side view, there’s a patio off the back, too.

We’ll get to that in a minute. First, the bar inside:

Looks a lot like Mickey Spillane’s in Eastchester, doesn’t it?

It is the same owners. Stephen Carty and Michael Hynes.

Here’s the dining room up front. It has a flat screen TV and seats about 50.

These doors onto the sidwalk open up completely. I love that.

Friends and family having a great time:

I’m not sure if you can see, but the details are gorgeous. Mahoghany, wrought iron, terrazzo floor, stonework detailing.

There is seating for about 25 in these high booths alongisde the bar:

In the back of the bar room there’s a fireplace (and another huge TV):

You walk between that and this wall o’ wine —

— to get outside.

Check this out! Fireplace. Outside. Way cool.

Comfy seating:

Heat lamps to take the chill off.

Looking down from the staircase leading up to the second floor patio.

I forgot to snap that, but it’s about one quarter the size of the downstairs one. No fireplace. But great views.

Inside the upstairs hallway. That door at the end of the hall leads out to the upstairs patio.

There’s a dining room up here too.

This half of the room can be closed off for private parties. The bar half holds about 60; the front dining room about 40. Or you can combine them for a party of 100.

Doesn’t this shot make it look so urban? Maybe it’s the scrollwork on the railing, but doesn’t even look like Mamaroneck. Weird. These windows also open up completely to the street.

I just wanted to show you that even the staff’s stations are beautiful. Marble tops:

I didn’t get the chance to taste any of the food, but the menu is very similar to Mickey Spillane’s. A lot of salads (the bosc pear sald is a huge hit, served over greens with candy roasted walnuts, gorgonzola and black olives); some bar snacks like steak crostini, quesadillas and sliders; burgers and wraps; and full size entrees lik blackened yellow fin tuna, pork chops and steaks. I’ll scan the menu and add it later.

For now, here’s the address until I get the 411 working.

The 411 on Molly Spillane’s.

Also: The 411 on Mickey Spillane’s.


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  1. Amstel Light umbrellas? Ooof. They need some Captain Lawrence umbrellas to pimp the local brews!

    Great looking place.

  2. Good luck finding parking and enjoy the view of the garbage filled river, back of the regatta and Honda bobs….. Should have been built in WP.

  3. Big Al made the point that I want to make about parking, but I want to point out, that patrons of the restaurant CAN NOT PARK THERE.

    I am REALLY not looking forward to this place in my neighborhood. The other night it seemed they had a few people in the bar, some kind of pre-opening celebration. They had completely taken up all the spots in the PERMIT-ONLY parking lot where I park to go home every night (behind the Honda dealership).

    To park in this lot after 6 PM, you need an overnight permit, which I pay good money for. It really ticked me off that people with no permits thought they could park in my lot, causing me to park quite far away from my apartment with bags of groceries in my hands. I did not want to have to call the police to ticket them, but if this becomes a common occurance, you can bet I will be. Those of us who live in the neighborhood need to park in that lot to go home at night! Restaurant patrons have no right to be parking there.

    I’m already afraid this restaurant with it’s massive outdoor patios is going to increase the noise levels in the area. I do not anticpate this restaurant being a good neighbor!

  4. That was Easy!! on

    You need a tissue for the tears. You finally have a nice place to have a good drink and bite to eat and all you do is complain. Mamarorneck needed some nightlife and finally a place that gives the town a little life. I was there last night and the place was packed. Oh ya and I parked in the permit parking spot,,, thanks for taking care of the monthly fee!

  5. “That Was Easy”

    I’m not taking care of your fee.

    You are extremely rude and incosiderate and I can’t believe you would come here and brag about it. As are all of you parking where you shouldn’t be, I am keeping my eye on your cars and your license plates and every time you park in these places, I will be letting the police know. Hope you like paying all of those parking tickets!

    The fact that you are doing the deliberately (as opposed to Big Al who seemed quite clueless) all I can say is this means war.

    I hope Molly Spillane’s goes down in flames. It’s ruining the neighborhood and it’s only been open a few days. If the horrid type of person above is the kind of person who is going to frequent this restaurant, then I really want to keep this element out of my neighborhood.

  6. Rachel,
    It’s a shame that you’re not looking at the bigger picture and what a place like this will do for the local Mamaroneck economy. Other surrounding towns have flourished (Rye, Port Chester, White Plains) over the past decade and has left Mamaroneck in its dust. Mamaroneck needs new businesses like this and I hope this is just a start. This is a GREAT addition to Mamaroneck Avenue. I’m sorry about your parking issue, but you should bring this up the local officals and the restaurant owners, I’m sure you can work things out.

  7. This place is great. We finally got a good place to eat in Mamaroneck. I do agree though that the parking issue is a big problem. There already was big problem with parking before, and this isn’t going to help. Though, it looks like a great place, and I am really looking forward to eating there.

  8. Place is wack. You have to make reservations a week in advance. They have an upstairs but they dont use it, only for parties…how do you deny a paying custome??? I wanted to give it a try and now I’m totally turned off…WAAAACCKKKKK

  9. This place sucks big time, emty tables all over and need reserv. I wanted to give it a try but, 1 1/2 hour of a wait? Don’t think so. I think that place doesn’t belong in Mamaroneck.

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