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Guest blogger Dina Braun got her sweet tooth on at the new Metro Desserts in Scarsdale last week.

Gus Catechis and Steve Maravegas, whose also own Metro Deli and the Scarsdale Metro Restaurant, opened it on April 24 with their partner Tracy Katchis. (Gus and Tracy are not related; but their names are similar because their parents are from the same part of Greece).

Here’s Dina’s report:

Metro Desserts in Scarsdale has opened.  The family has extended their list of successful local eateries by opening a well needed addition to the area.

Inside, I was greeted warmly by the personable staff and pleasantly surprised to learn all about the various sweets and beverages they are offering.

I started with the ice cream and gelato.  Their  ice cream of choice is Sedutto and there are 10 delicious flavors to choose from. Some that I sampled included Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (filled with a generous amount of chips and cookie dough), Green Mint Chip, mint ice cream with large chocolate flakes and Turtle Pecan Swirl, rich French custard flavored ice cream swirled in caramel pecan fudge with caramel turtles and chocolate coated pieces.  (this was my favorite!)

There was also a wonderful variety of gelato flavors to enjoy.  The brand is Palazzolo’s Artisan gelato and sorbetto. I sampled Dutch Fudge Cookies and Cream, fresh cream with dark Dutch fudge cookie pieces folded throughout. Carrot Cake gelato included carrots blended with spices, walnuts and fresh ginger and a cream cheese frosting swirl. (really delicious!)

I really enjoyed the White Chocolate Raspberry, sweet buttercream and white chocolate chunks and whole red raspberries folded in fresh cream. The Peanut Butter Gelato had great peanut flavor and big chocolate chunks!

There is also fat free/sugar free vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream available. (Edy’s) in addition to a few flavors of sorbet and 2 percent frozen yogurt.

There are fruit smoothies available and they can be ordered with protein scoops if you like. There is also Greek yogurt which is 2 percent plain yogurt that can be enjoyed with either honey, walnuts or granola.

For those who may have peanut allergy concerns, there are pre-made peanut free vanilla ice cream cups with either chocolate syrup and sprinkles or strawberry sauce.

Sedutto Ice cream cakes are also available in either  7″, 8″ and 1/4 sheet cakes.  Prices range from $23-$38.

Another special dessert being offered are home-made nutella crepes.  I enjoyed watching the 14-inch crepe carefully prepared and filled with chocolate and it was served beautifully on a plate with fresh strawberries and powdered sugar.   They also recommend banana, walnut and strawberry fillings.

There are several cakes, pies, cupcakes and cookies to choose from.  These desserts have been carefully chosen from one of four bakeries in the New York area that they are using as suppliers. You can find the standard cakes including cheesecake and strawberry shortcake to specialty cakes including a fruit moose and a chocolate souffle cake. There are sugar free cakes, pies and cookies available as well.

A special feature at Metro Desserts are their Greek sweets.  These are brought in from their favorite bakery in Astoria, Queens and I must say, they are delicious!

I tried the Greek cookies which were truly scrumptious. In addition, I enjoyed sampling the baklava, walnuts and almonds in phyllo covered in honey syrup, the ekmek, a layer of shredded phyllo with custard and crema in a honey syrup and galaktobouriko, custard in phyllo dough soaked in in honey syrup.  I look forward to hosting my next party and offering some of these delicious treats!

WIth all of these sweets, I was happy to enjoy a hot decaf latte which really hit the spot! The coffee of choice is lavazza and they offer everything from cappacinos and lattes to a special Greek coffee called a frappe. This is  a combination of Greek coffee, sugar and a little water whipped up with a mini hand blender and served cold with or without milk.  They made me a sample to try and it was strong, rich and delicious!

If you are in need of bringing dessert somewhere or want to pick up a gift, Metro Desserts packages their desserts in a beautiful pink box and you can either have a special basket of goodies made up or you can purchase one of the few gift baskets they sell.

They also carry Godiva gift boxes, preserves, cookies and other candies, cotton candy and gourmet popcorn. A few fresh breads are sold each day as well.

You may choose to take out or enjoy eating in the beautiful table area they have set up which comes complete with a flat screen television for your relaxing pleasure. (this may just keep you there long enough for a second serving!)

Metro Desserts is currently open each day at 10 am.  On weekdays they close at 10:00 pm. On weekends, they remain open until 11pm or later.

Metro Desserts, 8 Palmer Ave., Scarsdale. 914-723-0275


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