Paleteria La Flor de Michoacan in New Rochelle


Our summer interns are working on an ice cream round up, and Jessica Morales has a report on Paleteria La Flor de Michoacan in New Ro. She was really impressed, as have I been the few times I’ve been.

There are a ton of flavors of paletas, or popsicles. Some are made with milk, some are made with fruit. All are delicious.

As the food person, I will tell you they are all very true to their advertised flavors, and worth the trip from just about anywhere.

As the intern, I will let Jessica wax raphsodic about the place. Take it away, Jessica!

I have to say the Paleteria La Flor de Michoacan in New Rochelle was the most unique dessert place I have ever been to. I can brag about this place for hours and the family is too cute for words.

They are from Michoacan, Mexico, hence the name of the store. But more interesting, is that their town in Mexico is known for their popsicles or paletas.

All their popsicles at the paleteria in New Rochelle is home made and HEALTHY. Alot of the paletas are made from fresh fruit and some have actually ice cream flavors, one even has sprinkles!

There are 70 different kinds of popsicles!!!!! The popsicles, when in the freezer case, look like a giant rainbow because there are so many different colors. They do have some hard ice cream also which is homemade, one actually is tequila flavored! (non-alcoholic of course). And it is so inviting and bright inside. I am telling you this place is cool!

The owner is Juana Rodriguez and her husband, Gerardo Rodriguez. I spoke with Juana, in the pictures she is the one in the green shirt.

Address: 574 North Ave New Rochelle, NY  # 914-235-2781…they also have another pelateria at 215 union ave new rochelle, but I visted the one on North Ave.

She didn’t take pictures of the paletas, but we’ll forgive her for that. After all, she’s just learning, right? And it gives me an excuse to go back. Thanks Jessica!


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  1. Don’t forget Paleteria Fernandez in Port Chester. For great Mexican Paletas, I prefer Paleteria Fernandez over La Flor in New Rochelle. Both are good, but my preference is in P.C.

  2. i prefer paleteria sley located in 4217 fort hamilton parkway in brooklyn new york they have some great ice cream sandwiches mmm and delicious paletas de nance mi favor!!!!

  3. These are one of the best paletas I have ever tasted!
    Im from Texas, and every time I visit New Rochelle,
    I end up buying boxes to-go to bring down to Texas!

  4. i like more the paletas from la flor de michoacan they r the best lol :)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  5. Esperanza Guzman on

    is not a place i can buy in Astoria NY? I had from a small grocery store but they do not have any longer, I rally love it. Do you delivery to a house?

    All my neighbor love it.

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