The Next Food Network Star Michael Proietti Blogs: Viva la Broccoli Rabe!!!!


This challenge was not easy. There is no part of me that knows how to save money. My money saving tip is….  don’t know! Someone call Sandra Lee!  I have dinner party’s that cost me way too much cash! The word of the day people is ‘Opulent’ Not stupid budget! God, just saying it makes me ill.

Going to Ina’s was the highlight of my life! She loves “my people” and in turn we love her! (In fact I like to think of myself as the gay Ina.) She can have the Hampton’s, I’ll take Fire Island! Clam bakes on the beach in drag and pool side tea party’s in pumps. Ahhhh my kind of life!

This week I pulled out some local Bronx flavors, I knew these folks would eat it up. To be honest I was so scared, I’m serving chicken, pork and greens to Miss Fabulous herself.  My nerves got the best of me and I sliced my finger, (don’t worry it wasn’t bad) to make my life more difficult the smoke in Ina’s gazillion dollar barn was making my eyes crazy. (note to self: when I build my gazillion dollar barn, get good ventilation)

I lost composure and Jeff had to help me get on track, um stab me in the face, because I can’t handle this! But the food shined thru and we did great, it’ nice to be a winner! I like it, and intend to stay here for a while! VIVA NYC and check me out on


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  1. Alison Pinsley on

    Kudos to Michael. We frequent the Chow House quite frequentsly and he is an awesome cook and come up with some quite innovative dishes. If is isn’t on the menu, just ask, and it will be made. If you haven’t tried the Chow House you must, it will be well worth your while time and your money. Go Micheal, Go!

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