My Favorite Bagel Shop: Nyack Hot Bagels. What’s Yours?


I don’t usually declare favorites. But when it comes to Nyack Hot Bagels, I gotta tell you: I’ve never had better.

I know, I’m going to hear from bagel fans (and bagel shop owners!) all over the region, but I would challenge you to a blind tasting to prove my point. These bagels are chewy but not dense, bready but not yeasty and always always made fresh.

When I bring them into the office, people go nuts.

More on this great place — and a chance to tell me what makes your bagel shop your favorite — after the jump.

OK first of all, there are a million kinds of cream cheeses. Maybe that’s nothing out of the ordinary, but the sheer mass of volume is impressive:

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. The bagel shop is in The Hub shopping center in West Nyack. And — yes, I’m sure you can point to a little bias here — I’ve been going there since I was a teenager.

It used to be just half the size. (The left side of this photo.) But it became so popular (and they need room for the lines and lines of people) so the owners expanded and took over the space of a deli next door.

And they have a deli section, too.

I’ve had everything from turkey sandwiches to sausage, egg and cheese on a roll. (Yes, of course there’s a griddle.) But my order over the last few years has become egg salad on a sesame bagel. The egg salad is to die for: rich and creamy… and no celery. (I like it that way.) I used to get it with smoked salmon, too. That is a great combination.

But I’m also torn. I adore the chicken salad, too. And I just noticed this new version. (I had already ordered. I’ll have to try it next time!)

There is always always a line. This is at 1030 on Tuesday morning.

So this time, I got a dozen mixed (the everything is great), cream cheese with scallion and bacon, vegetable cream cheese and a small container of chicken salad.

The bacon:

The chicken salad:

The bagels.

Devoued by noon.

In the height of summer, I’ll also bring tomatoes from my garden. Good times.

Nyack Hot Bagels, 344 Route 59, Nyack. 845-358-0837.

OK your turn. What’s your favorite bagel shop — and why? What do you get there? What makes it great? I’m hoping for a lively discussion here folks… I’m sure there are a lot of good ones out there… let hear it!


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Liz Johnson is content strategist for The Journal News and, and the founding editor of lohudfood, formerly know as Small Bites. As food editor, she won awards from the New York News Publishers Association, the Association of Food Journalists and the Associated Press. She lives in Nyack with her husband and daughter on a tiny suburban lot they call their farm — with fruit trees, an herb garden, and a yardful of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, shallots, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, cabbage, peppers, Brussels sprouts and carrots and four big blueberry bushes.


  1. Try the BLT on an everything bagel there at Nyack Hot Bagels – amazing. We gotta have them every weekend now. My only complaint is that they put too much onion in their tunafish.

  2. I’m always up for a blind tasting. I’d like to add, that Bagel Boys has really good chopped herring. I still haven’t come across a bagel like those I remember growing up. We would get the best bagels on Elmora Ave. in Elizabeth NJ. They were much smaller then the ones you see around these days, a tad bigger then a mini bagel. Dense, yet soft, slightly sweet, with a very thin crust that had a crackly feel as you bit into it. I’d love to find a bagel like that in Rockland.

  3. Zimi’s in Pearl river is great. they make the best everything bagels with NO salt..just the way I like them :)…

  4. I grew up in Brooklyn and know what a good bagel is. I even used to work in a bagel shop growing up. The best bagels in Rockland Co by far are in Bagel Train. Nyack Bagels definitely comes in second place for me. Bagel Boys, Davids, and Goldbergs don’t make authentic bagels since they use machines and don’t even hot water boil them. They use convection ovens. Bagels aren’t supposed to be sweet and doughy(bagel boys). Bagel train’s are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Nyack bagels just aren’t crispy on the outside. I have to try Zimi’s next but this is how my opinion stands.

  5. I know its been a while since this post but I just had to say-Zimi’s in Pearl River, hands down THE best bagels in the world (at least that I’ve tried). Family from out of town makes it a priority to head to “Pete’s” as we still call it, when they come to town. The lox spread is AWESOME. The bagels are a little crunchy on the outside warm and perfect on the inside. Everything is so fresh and although their muffins can be greasy-I love them!

  6. There is no substitute. ZIMI Bagel Cafe beats all!(in pearl river,the big one, and nanuet) The old school bagel, service, cleanliness, tasteful Manhattan like look, quality employees,Great wraps,croissants and quality eats. They are the complete package. It’s well worth the trip. Rumor has it, a younger owner took over some years ago and really improved mostly everything. I’m an ol’time customer and remember when it 1 location & it was Pete’s and admit I’m a bit nostalgic but they were the first ones to built a nice looking fast food joint in Pearl River. Very Good for Pearl River.

  7. I agree with Ken. Nyack Hot Bagels, Bagel Train, and Zimmis’s are the best in Rockland county because they are hand rolled and water boiled the old fashioned way. They are crispier on the outside and easier to chew. They give off a delicious aroma and they stay fresh for days. You just can’t get that out if a machine made bagel because they’re too dense! There is nothing like a hot out-of-the-oven plain bagel with cold butter on it from Nyack Hot Bagels. Thats bread and butter at its finest.

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