Blu Fig Opens in New City


Blu Fig — a casual brick-oven pizza place with small plates, salads and pastas — opened this week in the space that was formerly Nestos in New City. It is the owned by the same partners: Kirk and Dimitri Theofanides and John Potanza.

They decided to change the concept of the restaurant to fit better with the current economy. It’s casual, with a Mediterranean menu: pizzas, sure, but also a few Greek spreads, eggplant with feta, and even a Buffalo chicken salad.

More — plus the menus — after the jump.

“This past year was kind of tough with the economy and we wanted to switch it up and do an everyday kind of menu,” Kirk told me. So far the restaurant has been attracting lots of families with children.

Nestos was always a striking restaurant — gleaming tiles, a patio with a limestone fence — and the partners have kept the beautiful bones while simplifying the rest. You’ll find maple walnut tables and a big brick oven in the restaurant.

Besides the pizza — with choices like roasted wild mushroom and prosciutto and basil with a light tomato cream sauce — there are also entrees, such as chicken kebobs, fish and chips and a roast chicken with fresh herbs.

The restaurant also makes its own lemonade and teas, including citrus black tea and alpine berry. The wine list is very reasonable: wine by the glass if $5; by the bottle it’s $20.

Kirk told me the ciabatta sandwiches are very popular, and so is the pizza. He loves the pizza, but when I asked what else he liked on the menu he said the roasted beets and the crabcakes.

Right now, the place is open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, til 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Kirk is hoping to add breakfast, soon: pastries, those teas and coffees.

I can’t wait to try it.

The 411 on Blu Fig.

Click here for a PDF of page 1 of the Blu Fig menu: small plates, salads, sandwiches.
Click here for a PDF of page 2 of the Blu Fig menu: pizzas, pasta, entrees
Click here for a PDF of the Blu Fig wine list.
Click here for a PDF of the soft drinks and beers at Blu Fig.


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  1. Hi Liz:

    I went to Blu Fig this evening, after reading your post this morning.

    I have to say, the food was really really good, and the bill was inexpensive. We had the hummus, Black cherry bbq chicken wings, greek salad, and a margherita pizza. Everything was terrific and the service was really nice. The check came to $30!!! (no alcohol but included 2 sodas) plus tax and tip

    My ONLY complaint was the noise level from the little tykes in the place, but we overlooked it for an inexpensive good meal.

    We will definitely be back. Thanks for the 411.


  2. Thanks Michael S! I can’t wait to try it. 30 bucks! Fantastic! What time did you go? Maybe if I go later I can avoid loud little tykes?

  3. Agreed. Go later. I was there on a Sunday night at 6:30. The tykes were widespread and the noise level loud.

    It seems to ME to have potential for a late night meal/snack alternative destination, other than a diner or a bar, but the manager said they plan to close the kitchen at 10 midweek and 11 on weekends.

    Too bad. I bet it could be a great after-movie or drinks hit on weekend nights. I told him so, but what do I know… New City might not be the right demographic for anything but a diner anyway.

  4. Thanks to your post we tried Blu Fig and absolutely adored it!. The pizza was perfect, the crust was perfectly thin and the tomato sauce was very vibrant — it kind of reminded me of the Portuguese style pizza one would get in Rhode Island. or Mystic. There was the perfect ratio of cheese/sauce with a delicious crust. The salads were also very refreshing…we will definitely be back!

  5. We have been there so many times I have lost count. Great place to meet friends. Can’t beat the price! Great pizza….my daughter loves the ceasar salad with grilled chicken. Nice people too. That really helps. New City is in dire need of more places like it.

  6. I have been to this restaurant many times…under the name Nesto’s and Blu Fig… I enjoyed it so much I had purchased a gift certificate for my parents and they refused to honor it. Since it is the same owners I really dont understand the problem or their issue with this. I dont think that’s very fair and poor businss.

  7. It’s a shame that business owners make decisions like this that create such bad will. Its not worth the lost business and the negative publicity.

    If this was a promotional free gift certificate, that the restaurant gave away, under the Nesto’s name, I think their position makes sense. If this was a gift certificate that someone purchased for cash, then what they are doing is tantamount to stealing.

    Marie, I hope they reconsider. You should send them a letter and ask them to reconsider, and tell them that if they refuse, you will write to the Better Business Bureau and the NYS Department of Consumer Affairs, and will post about it on every blog you can find… It’s wrong. They owned Nestos and they own Blue Fig. You could also consider filing a small claims lawsuit against them.

    I love Blue Fig, but this really irks me.

  8. caesar salad came warm drenched in caesar dressin even though we asked 4 dressing on the side, one crab cake??? penne ala modka dry witg moaarella all over suckin up the sauce. INEDIBLE

  9. Maybe some people like the Blue Fig, but my friend certainly did not enjoy seeing a small dead frog in her salad take out.
    Since it’s the same people as nesto’s, the same customer service prevailed. You will never find us there.

  10. Had a late night dinner as a first time customer this past Saturday night
    –My chicken parm was great–the pizza was superb
    —my pasta was overcooked and soggy
    —my wife’s penne ala vodka was pasty and dry
    —we spent the entire meal swatting away flies from our food!!!!!
    —the restaurant was pretty empty and with five in help, not once did anyone come over and ask if we would like our drinks refilled or if everything was satisfactory.
    I do not think I would ever return to this establishment

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