Neo World Bistro & Sushi Bar Opens in Mount Kisco


Neo World Bistro, an Asian fusion restaurant, has opened in Mount Kisco. The menu is a tour of Asian, from Korea’s bi bim bop to Japan’s udon noodle soup to Vietnam’s summer rolls.

Plus, there are unusual twists and true fusion that will really blow your mind. Take, for example, the Monkfish risotto roll, which comes with pan-fried monkfish, shiitake mshroom risotto, rolled with Vietnamese rice paper and served with pomegranate sauce and parmesan cheese. Or the Udon Crawfish New Orleans Etouffee. Huh?

The food, though, looks gorgeous. Owner Sianto Njotoatmodjo sent me some photos. This is the Grace Roll:

Made with lobster tempura, lobster salad, shrimp, avocado, garlic aioli, scallion and tobiko.

More photos, plus the menu, after the jump.

Rack of lamb:

A lemongrass marinated grilled New Zealand rack of lamb with mesclun-Fuji apple basil vinaigrette salad and mashed potato.

Caviar parfait:

I did not see that on the menu, so I’m not sure what’s in it.

Spicy Sushi Poppers:

Crispy sushi rice topped with guacamole and spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail and blue crab.

The interior looks just as sexy. Take a look:

Here’s the only problem… it’s in a hallway, not on the main drag. You get to it through that big glass doorway next to The Gap on South Moger. Or you can go in through the parking lot through the door at the end of this photo.

I’m curious enough to give it a try! Who’s with me?

Here is a PDF of the Neo World Bistro Menu

The 411 on Neo World Bistro & Sushi Bar.


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  1. I know I just finished saying “are there any interesting FUSION restaurants in Westchester (that are any good)?” but the items you listed definitely sound interesting enough for a visit. Thanks for the scoop – don’t think I’d ever find it on my own!

  2. Erin Meagher on

    Neo World Bistro & Sushi Bar

    Who wants to take a trip around the world? ME!
    Who can afford a trip around the world? NOT ME!

    Fortunately, for me, and everyone now, we can take a culinary Pan-Asian journey without ever leaving Mt. Kisco. The prefix NEO means new, recent, current, young and this is exactly what you will find at this delightful new restaurant located at 69 S. Moger Ave.
    Let’s face it, there are countless places to get sushi nowadays. But I think we all know, not all sushi is created equally. This restaurant is very different. It pulls, not only from Japanese influences, but also from Korean (Korean Bibimbap and Vegetable Bibimbap), Vietnamese (Tuna Shrimp Summer Rolls Vietnamese style), Cajun (Udon Crawfish New Orleans Etouffee) and Mexican (Spicy Sushi Poppers and Sushi Tortilla). This is truly a global experience with something for everyone. The food is fresh, reasonably priced and of the highest quality. They offer traditional rolls, as well as rolls without rice and several special rolls containing fully cooked ingredients.

    The chef is a true artist. Every plate that leaves the kitchen is an edible work of art. Since we eat with our eyes first, be prepared for a visual feast. These dishes are prepared with great care, love and pride!

    Co-owner, Billy Hidajat will make you feel like you are a special part of his family. He is warm and welcoming and he never forgets a face or a name.

    My favorite dishes are:

    • spicy blue crab roll – a sweet/spicy combo that made me smile
    • Nasu (miso eggplant) appetizer – I order this everywhere and this is the best I’ve ever had.
    • Patience Roll – (no rice) – tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tobiko, lettuce, avocado, rolled with thinly sliced cucumber & wasabi ponzu sauce – this roll danced on my palate with its fresh, clean, bright and refreshing ponzu sauce. It’s beautiful!
    • Self-Control & King of King rolls are also delicious winners!

    Treat yourself and your appetite to a global culinary journey! You need to experience this wonderful New, Exciting and Original restaurant!

  3. We have also enjoyed the wonderful food at Neo Bistro – The food is presented beautifully, is truly a work of art and a culinary delight-

    We had no trouble finding it on South Moger Avenue – It also has its own entrance off the Shoppers Park Lot.

    I am sure that once discovered, this new and exciting restaurant will climb to the top of the ratings.

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