A Terrific Tasting Menu at X20 in Yonkers


My friend from Australia was visiting a few weeks back, and we went to X20 in Yonkers one night for a fantastic feast. I wasn’t really “working,” and so this isn’t a review, but I thought you’d like to see the photos. (The food was terrific as always, though.)

Sashimi White Tuna with Chilled Yuzu Ponzu with American Sturgeon Caviar & Pickled Organic Carrot:

We got there early enough to grab a cocktail at the bar first. Here’s the lounge area:

The sushi bar and a view of the kitchen:

Roland, the sushi chef:

More lounge:

The cocktails. Mason Dixon. Markers Mark and Sour Cherry Cordial from Warwick under the American Fruits label. Beverage director Billy Rattner tells me bartender Chris Kiers developed it.

Modern Aviation. Square One Organic Cucumber Vodka, Creme de Violette and Lemon Juice:

Well balanced and refreshing.

Then we moved to the dining room:

Here’s my friend Karen. She’s a journalist from Australia.

We met while backpacking in Europe in our 20s and we’ve been friends ever since.

Her friend Andree. Also a journalist.

Our amuse, the sashimi:

And The Crisp Chick Pea Panisis with Fig Jam:

This tomato salad was a new take on a dish Peter’s been doing a while. He’s served it with shrimp at the Freelance Cafe. This came with lobster. Warm Salad of Maine Lobster with Thai Spices atop Red & Yellow Watermelon Carpaccio with Kaffir Lime, Goat Cheese and Extra Virgin Olive oil:

Peter always does an amazing job with scallops. This is Grilled Jumbo Diver Scallop with Shiso, Succotash of Silver Queen Corn, Fava Beans & Chanterelles:

I don’t usually like California chardonnay — I find most too oaky — but this one was very nice. Billy tells me it is made by Camus, te same people who make Conundrum (and some of the components of Conundrum are in this wine, too).

One of my favorite dishes of the night, a Deconstructed “BLT” Salad with Fourme D’Ambert
Grilled Slab Bacon, Frisée and Heirloom Tomatoes:

The Line Caught East Coast Halibut “Small Fish” Fregola Sardi & Wilted Arugula with Crispy Sea Beans & Pedro Jimenez:

Man, when I tell you the beans were good…. You could almost serve them without the fish.

Next, Braised Berkshire Pork Belly with Star Anise Kim Chi with Udon Noodles & Soy Butter:

(This is not a review, but this one is not my favorite of the night. A little too filling.The belly was delicious, though.)

Speaking of filling. Hudson Valley Duckling Served 2 Ways with Mustard Greens & Onion Coulis, Hoisin Glazed Breast served Rare and Steamed Bun with BBQ Duck Leg:

And then…. American Lamb. Grilled Indian Spiced Leg with Orzo & Fresh Oregano and Roasted Chop with Romaine Hearts & with Harrissa:

Yes, we rolled out of there. But not before dessert. Several, in fact:

Peter and my friend Karen.

A lovely night. Later, at the end of their trip, I asked Andree which was her favorite meal (and they had many). She said X20!

The 411 on X20.


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  1. Peter Kelly is a master. What fun and interesting juxtapositions. He never ceases to amaze me. And if Billy Ratner says California Chardonnay. It is gospel. These guys have been at it too long to question their prowess. I submit to their expertise.

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