Anthony Goncalves and John “John Boy” Ubaldo Get Feedbagged


I know that doesn’t sound pleasant. What it really means: Josh Ozersky, the hamburger loving super-blogger at The Feedbag and restaurants editor for Citysearch NY, has featured two of our local culinary stars on his blog in the last two days.

Anthony Goncalves, chef-owner of 42 at the top of the Ritz, was one of the chefs participating in meatopia — Josh’s birthday party and a celebration of all things meat, from nose to tail. Check out the meatopia video on this post here. (And if you follow Anthony on Twitter — he’s — you already know that he’s been working on spit-roasting his lamb since Friday!)

Then last night, Josh posted about how delicious the bacon from John Boy’s farm is.  John Ubaldo, who supplies chefs like Brian Lewis at Bedford Post and Jon Pratt at Peter Pratt’s Inn and Table Local Market, sells his pork and bacon at Table and at the Pound Ridge and Muscoot Farm farmers maket each Sunday. (He labels them with both names: Mountain View/John Boy’s.) The pork belly, which I’ve had at Bedford Post (check out the meal here), is great. Next year, when he will be the only farmer on the East Coast raising English Berkshire pigs, I’ll bet it gets even better.

There are also four kinds of bacon. Josh is talking about the regular bacon. John Ubaldo also has Canadian bacon, a “special” bacon which is fattier Berkshire bacon that’s center-cut and cured longer. (Mmm.) And then there is the shoulder bacon made from the Berkshire butt (AKA shoulder) but it has the bacon flavor combined with a real strong pork flavor.

It’s all great stuff. But we knew that already, didn’t we! I’m a big fan of Josh’s blog… so what else should we recommend Josh check out?

I’ll start with Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Bedford Post, The Cookery, Dante’s mozzerella and, of course, Peter Kelly. What else, readers?


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