First Taste: Le Pain Quotidien


I was at Le Pain Quotidien in Rye a couple of weeks ago for lunch. It’s the first suburban outpost of the chain, which is known for using organic and healthy ingredients in its menu. It’s also, of course, known for its bread. Le Pain Quotodien means the daily bread in French.

These breads are behind the counter where you order. If you’re ordering to go, you simply place your order here. If you’re dining, there is table service.

The dining space is divided into two. Part is the back dining room here:

And then there is the comunnal table, which runs along side the dividing wall for the ordering counter.

Back at the counter. Here’s a look at a few of the sweets:

On the table, they use stale bread to hold the menus. Cute. Organic in the other meaning of the word, I’d say.

I ordered a mint lemonade.

Fantastic. Very refreshing.

My friend Alyssa and I shared the gazpacho.

Good but it could have used more oomph.

Alyssa’s chicken curry:

I loved the fresh radishes and cucumbers and the freshly cut scallion garnish. Lots of good stuff going on there. You really needed the chutney along with the chicken salad, though, to make it sing.

I think I ordered bad. My ham sandwich was kind of boring.

I guess I was expecting something a little more, well, cured. And a few more mustards would have helped. Again, I liked the vegetables that came alongside.

There is a full menu along with the sandwich menu:

The dinner sounds particularly good:

Despite my mild disappointments, I am eager to return and try other things.

The 411 is coming. For now: Le Pain Quotidien web site.

30 Purchase St., Rye. 914.967.1460.


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  1. My apologies Michael. I thought it’d be easy to tell from the web site. It’s in Rye. I added that at the top of the post and I’ve added the address to the bottom.

  2. YAY. Thank you Liz! I didnt go to the website. But….. I was hoping it would be closer to Nyack. Fortunately for me there is a Le Pain Quotidien down the block from where I work. I love it.

  3. The one on 8th St. in NYC used to have these really great donuts. They were filled with a Bavarian style cream, just puffed up with it until it was oozing out. They don’t have them here anymore, but if you see one at this location grab it. They are SO yummy.

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