Rui Correia Opens Douro in Greenwich


Rui Correia, the former chef at Oporto in Hartsdale, has opened Douro, a Portuguese restaurant, in Greenwich.


Rui says he’s cooking his own version of Portuguese food, which will include dishes made with sardines, octopus and baccala — but also dishes made with influences from around the Mediterranean, such as a roasted beet and goat cheese salad and a killer version of hummus.


He’ll still be serving in roast chicken for two — but he’ll also offer a half-chicken for a single diner.

Right now, the restaurant — which is has tables and accents in dark espresso-colored wood and walls of blue based on the color of the river Douro, which runs through a major wine region in Portugal — is BYO, but soon Rui will offer flights of ports, a house sangria and Spanish and Portugese wines.


The 411 coming soon. Until then, 28 West Putman Ave., Greenwich. 203-869-7622.


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  1. If the food is the same as Hartsdale, I’ll skip it! The food was so bad that I walked out in the middle of my meal.

  2. I regret the previous Hartsdale comment..I ate with friends for the first time in October with Rui’s new launch in the Greenwich downtown locale..Our party had no problem cleaning our plates and palates with the delicious cuisine..the chicken piri piri, empanadas with shrimp mouse, & paellas were delectable….Perhaps, the ambiance of Greenwich influences the culinary cuisine in the kitchen..especially since the rents are comparable to a NYC locale…will be returning…

  3. We luuuuved Oporto…can’t wait to dine at Douro. The roast chicken is to die for and my girls can’t get enough of Chef Rui’s grilled octopus. We are sooooo thrilled that Douro has finally opened…see you on Thursday Chef Rui.

  4. Rui is one of my oldest friends and I was so thankful to come across your blog when I was trying to find & catch up with him again after Oporto closed. Thank goodness for Google. Great blog too!!!! I miss NY and wish I was up there sometimes. Especially to eat at Rui’s restaurant!

  5. Oporto, in my opinion, was one of the better restaurants in Westchester. My family and I live about 2 miles from where Oporto stood. We dined there every other night (if not every night); we love chef Rui’s frango (bbq chicken) among other things. My family and I now take the 15-20 minute drive (twice a week) to Greenwich. The food is absolutely phenomenal, perhaps even better than it was at Oporto. The décor at Oporto was a bit stale; Douro, on the other hand, is elegant and sophisticated. We were especially thrilled to see the same staff, so not only do we get the same great food we also get to experience the same great service. We were especially thrilled to hear that Chef Rui got engaged! His fiancé is the manager/hostess at Douro, such a lovely girl.

    Congratulations Rui! We wish you much success!

  6. I was in to Piri-Q last night expecting as the portuguese do great tasting food-we were so unhappy raw garlic in the shrimp dish not edible, His BBQ chicken dry . It is expensive for what you are getting. Service was awful I cant see this place making it -that bad. when it comes to portuguese food I will stick with the only one who knows how to do it Goncalves at Bellota . I was sorry when Peniche closed but he came back better than ever . Tomorrow night we are going to try Aquario. Been on a Portuguese kick lately.

  7. I have to comment on the Today’s Show appearance by Chef Rui Correia. I’m Portuguese, from Oporto. I’m also an Chef and son of a Chef. It’s really upsetting to see what he made on TV this morning. Please do not call that a Francezinha and if you are from Oporto, please next time you are there take the time and eat at one of the famous restaurants that make Francezinhas and see what one looks like. I have eaten at various places in Oporto where they prepare Francezinhas and like all dished, one place is always better than the rest. But I have never seen anything like this morning. Please do not call that a Francezinha. The sauce was just plain tomato sauce. A real Francezinha has several cuts of meat including pork, beef, fresh sausage and veal. The sauce has various things including beer, whiskey and probably the most important ingredient that he left out PIRI-PIRI. My father has been making Francezinhas for 30 years and he learned from the best. He passed it on to me and it is just plain sad to see someone like Chef Rui Correia do what he did this morning. I’ve never tried Chef Correias’ restaurants but they look like a very pleasant and appealing restaurant. I just really hope that the rest of the food is a lot better than what he showed this morning on the Today Show.

  8. Just had to comment on the last post. I guess you never did a 3 minute segment on tv?
    The first thing chef said was how complex the sauce was….and listed all that goes in to make it.
    Did you really expect him to make it in 90 seconds? I have enjoyed chef Rui’s food several times and was never disappointed.

  9. Nanette, I apologize to Chef Correia because I did not hear him say that. In fact, it is really hard to do a 3 minute segment on live TV and that is why he should have not presented something as complex and try to make it in 3 minutes. There are various other traditional dishes easier to make and to explain in 3 minutes. Do not mislead the audience in believing that you can make that dish in 3 minutes or that it is as easy as he showed. Once again, I apologize but it is my opinion.

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