Armonk Lobster House to Close Dec. 19


On the e-mail blast:

I would like to take the time to thank you for the opportunity to serve you the past ten years. Unfortunately, we will be closing our doors for good on Saturday, December 19th.   Many of you have become friends and even like family to me.  I make this choice with a heavy heart. I hope to see you before we close or in the future, whatever it may hold.


Until then, the 411 on Armonk Lobster House.


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  1. Vultures, please be easy on these people. Don’t forget there will be jobs lost here too…
    This is just another sad story, one of many, coming out of the terrible economic climate endured this past year by both the restaurant community and the dining public.
    I found these guys fun, and the casual seaside ambiance and menu quite inviting, especially this past summer out on the deck. They were just not able to sustain…

  2. its not a sad story when the quality of the food is abysmmal And the
    service spotty.The places i frequent that are have high standards for their food are bustling.Simply put put out quality people will come.If you want seaside ambience go to seaside johnnies theres food just as bad you should feel right at home

  3. With every 10 restaurant openings,there are 7 closing because of a lack luster approach to one degree of another.With the economy now affecting even the most successful established,high standard places,we are sure to see some of our favorirte places close….it will always be a sad thing to close the door on something you are fond of…afterall….there may be another place to discover that you can have your own opinion of…..keep eating out,keep trying new places to discover,and tell another when you have a good find…….
    take care..

  4. I don’t know what happened. I wish they stayed Stoneleigh Creek in Croton Falls. I loved that restaurant, and the successors have been horrendous.

  5. I thought it was a great idea, and gave them three chances. But burned seafood seemed to be the style that they served. When I recieved a ‘crab stuffed lobster’ that was an obvious refire from the night before, I achieved the worst lobster I have ever eaten. It is sad that they just didn’t seem to give a damn.

  6. David Hensley, you are right about the stress in the restaurant community right now…and I am afraid your forcast is correct too.
    As far as Armonk Lobster House is concerned, the good news is that most of the 15 employees there have already found other work. Saturday is their final day…

  7. It seems like they did the honorable thing by giving thier employees notice of its closing…..others wouldn’t and do not issue any warning when they close thier doors or change thier schedualing of operation.
    With all being said Morris,there will be others who will close thier doors this year….remember them for what thier ideas were…not thier shortcomings…and try to learn from those things to appreciate what we discover in our journeys…
    Take Care…

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