Squire’s in Briarcliff Manor: Over Forty Years of Great Burgers


Hi everyone. It’s Katherine Curry, new guest blogger for Small Bites (thanks, Liz!).

For my first Small Bites post, I decided to visit Squire’s, a place whose burgers I’ve been hearing about for years.  Well, it turns out the burgers at Squire’s are easy to love, and nearly impossible to photograph.


This Briarcliff Manor tavern has been around since 1967, and the dimly lit interior does not lend itself to great food photography.  I was forced to eat at Squire’s twice in the past week in an attempt to get a good picture of its beautiful hamburgers. Great, half-pound hamburgers twice in one  week—can you imagine the hardship?

Here’s a shot of the dining room.  See how dark it is in there? Festive and cozy, but dark!


The tavern, with its Tudor styling and dark wood paneling, doesn’t appear to have changed much in forty-some years.  But that’s a good thing.  Squire’s is a mellow kind of place, with friendly, competent service, and good pub fare.  Pictures of the food, after the jump.

Here’s a picture of the boneless Buffalo chicken wings my friend and I shared as an appetizer.

Squire wings flash

They were tender all-white meat and had a faint Tabasco heat. I prefer real chicken wings, but they made for a tasty starter.

Now I know why Squire’s burgers are famous.  The Old Fashioned burger (just an unadorned beef patty, to which I added American cheese), arrived gorgeously flame-charred on the outside, juicy and medium rare on the inside.  The fries were perfectly cooked, too.  It was a challenge, but I did finally get a nice picture of my burger.


My companion was seduced by the notion of the Cheese Supreme burger, which is enrobed in four different kinds of cheese (Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella and American). The burger itself was delicious, but all that cheese was maybe a little too much of a good thing. You can see in the photo that the blanket of cheese is almost a quarter inch thick.

SquireCheeseSupremeXsection 2

The only shortcoming of a Squire’s burger is the bun—a great burger doesn’t require a crusty artisanal bun, but it does need a bun that can stand up to the onslaught of condiments and juiciness.  Squire’s buns are pretty much standard grocery-store issue—soft and familiar but not up to the job.  But it’s a flaw I can to live with. These burgers definitively satisfy my burger craving.

On a recent Sunday evening, the specials board listed all sorts of fancy fare, including osso buco and rack of lamb chops.  Have you tried any high-end offerings at Squire’s? I’d love to know how they are, even though I can’t really imagine ordering anything other than a lovely burger.

The 411 on Squire’s.


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  1. I’d join the burger-a-week club at Squire’s. I wonder who (or what) Squire is (was)? Or is this a place where Briarcliff squires meet (in which case, the apostrophe needs to migrate to the right)?

  2. I’ve been to Squire’s hundreds of times, and each time its amazing. I have never left there feeling anything but satisfied. About the lighting, it may appear dark in pictures, but I’ve never noticed it while eating there. It’s the perfect place to go when you just want non-pretentious food with a good All-American atmosphere. One of my favorite restaurants of all time: excellent food, excellent waitstaff, excellent experience.

  3. Jim and Barbara Lukaszewski on

    We lived just up North State Road from Squires from l986 until 2000. The best day of the week was to treat ourselves to burgers there on the way home from work. We live in Danbury now so it’s a bit out of the way. But we really miss the place. We’ll be back.

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