Quimbaya in Ossining: Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day


Hi–guest blogger Katherine Curry here.

On a recent chilly day in Ossining, I stopped into the little Main Street cafe Quimbaya.

I’ve now decided that if I were Santa Claus, I’d tell everyone not to bother leaving me milk and cookies.  Instead, this Santa would like Quimbaya’s Special Hot Chocolate and a warm churro.


The Special Hot Chocolate is an intoxicating blend of steamed milk, unsweetened cacao, panela (made from sugar cane), cloves and cinnamon.


Quimbaya has an extensive hot chocolate drink menu. I’ve also tried the Creamy Espresso, which is made with espresso, hot chocolate, panela and heavy cream.


The churro was warm and crispy outside, soft on the inside.


Quimbaya also has sandwiches, salads, empanadas, arepas, ice cream, and lots of delicious-looking pastries with fillings like guava paste and dulce de leche. But sometimes a churro is all you need.

The 411 on Quimbaya is coming. Until then:

Quimbaya, 193 Main St., Ossining, 914-941-0810


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