Love at First Bite: Red Barn Bakery’s Double Chocolate Tart


Hi everybody: Guest blogger Katherine Curry here again.

The other night, I was in Mount Kisco Seafood, looking for some salmon steaks for a simple dinner.  I had no dinner party planned, but at the counter, as I paid for my purchases, my eyes were drawn to a windowed pie box that housed an exceptionally glossy and decadent-looking chocolate tart.  In an instant, my plans changed.

Here’s the double chocolate tart out of its box.


Guests would need to be invited over this weekend, I decided, so that I could justify spending $22 on this edible object of beauty.  After all, I couldn’t consume the whole thing myself, could I?

The tart is from Red Barn Bakery. This wasn’t the first time I’d seen their pies and baked goods in Mt. Kisco Seafood.  Owner Joe DiMauro and his team are always finding the best provisions, including Rainbeau Ridge cheeses, local organic salad greens, and amazingly fresh sustainable fish.  Joe told me that he’d been looking for some delicious organic baked goods to add to his offerings, and Red Barn Bakery fit the bill.

Once I got my tart home, I decided that I should sample a small sliver.  After all, just because it looked delicious didn’t mean it was delicious, right?

Well, it was incredible.  The dark chocolate filling was creamy and intensely chocolate-y, the texture somewhere between grown-up chocolate mousse and the chocolate pudding of my childhood dreams.  The crust was buttery and crisp, its bottom sturdy enough to stand up to the filling without getting soggy.  And the ingredient list was simplicity itself: the filling is made with organic dark chocolate, heavy cream, eggs, vanilla, agave, and salt.

The woman behind Red Barn Bakery is Randell Dodge, who lives in Bedford.  She started the business in 2008 because she couldn’t find a local organic bakery.  Red Barn’s ingredients are local and organic whenever possible: the flour comes from New York State, the goat cheese in the savory tarts is from Rainbeau Ridge and Beltaine Farms in Connecticut, apples are sourced from Hepworth Farm in upstate New York, and some of the vegetables in her savory tarts come from her own garden.  Her chocolate is organic and comes from Grenada.

Red Barn’s products are sold at Mt. Kisco Seafood, 109 Cheese Store in Ridgefield, CT.. and Peter Elliott in New York City.  Seasonally, you can find Red Barn at the Stone Barns Farmer’s Market and Ridgefield’s The Hickories.  You can also order cookies and muffins online.  And ultimately, Ms. Dodge would love to open a little bakery/cafe in the area.

Other Red Barn Bakery products include savory tarts like roasted beet and goat cheese; chocolate pecan pie; almond biscotti and chocolate pecan biscotti; and cookies in flavors like chocolate chunk, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin.  A complete list of Red Barn Bakery’s offerings is on the bakery’s website. Below is a picture of the beautiful blueberry galette (photo courtesy of Randell Dodge).

RedBarn Blueberry Galette

Ms. Dodge trained as a painter at Bennington and later designed handbags (she had her own label that was sold at Barney’s, Bergdorf, and even on QVC).  Her strong visual sense explains why her chocolate tart stole my heart before I’d even taken a bite.

Here are her apple pies (photo courtesy of Randell Dodge):


Getting back to that tart.  I devoured another small slice after dinner on Friday.  But by Saturday morning I’d been hit with a whopper of a head cold, so a dinner party was out.  That meant I would be spending the entire weekend with the tart–what to do?  My husband inexplicably only likes white chocolate. The tart couldn’t possibly survive being frozen.  There was only one thing to do.

Reader, I ate it.


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  1. I love Randell’s creations! Thank you for highlighting this amazing baker. Her attention to detail, especially regarding the integrity of her ingredients, is something that deserves to be talked about widely.

    If you have not had the pleasure of trying them I believe she’ll be at STONE BARNS’ MARKET ON SUNDAY. Maybe she’ll have the Double Chocolate Tart…

  2. Randell’s biscotti is to die for! Thanks for the great article. Dying to try the chocolate tart.

  3. The first time we never forget.

    It’s not that difficult to start, but once you get into her world of unthinking well taste … it’s impossible to get out. And doesn’t matter how many people try to help you to get out of this addiction … your whacky aunt … your tacky and fat maid … you HAVE to go deep … and deep … and deep and try ALL products.

    Usually you start with the Apple Crumbs Pie … BE CAREFUL! This one is unbeatable and caught you on the first bite. After that, of course will be tarts … and cookies.
    God … I can pass a week without order … WHAT I DID TO MYSELF!?!?!?!?!
    And this woman, besides of everything looks like an angel, just drives you more and more into her healthy world! I start to do YOGA! How come a red meet guy let himself be driven like a child?????
    I never thought one day I could be addicted to any products (but diet coke) but they are made with so high quality products … she an evil soul!
    She does this to you to keep you alive for along time and keep coming back to her!
    PLEASE, be careful … the cookies … ow my God … my whole family got into this addiction because of ME … SORRY mom, dad … I feel so guilty.

    But it’s part of the life … you HAVE your weakness, don’t try to go on this path without help … mine is forever RED BARN PRODUCTS.

    One more time: run readers!
    RUN to save your lives and get the next batch from Randell at a distributor next to you!

  4. Now that the cat’s out of the bag on these wonderful treats, I hope the supply can keep up with the demand! Bravo to Randell for creating such unique and scrumptious tarts, cookies and pies. I’m a huge fan of the chocolate chip cookies and biscotti and my husband is all but addicted to the savory tarts (beet & goat cheese is his passion!).

  5. Randell is a superb baker. Everything she creates is done with love, great care and the finest organic ingredients. Just sample any one of her splendid pies, cookies or savory tarts and you’ll be hooked for life. She has spoiled me not to mention my husband – from whom I am forced to hide the sweets. If you haven’t yet tried her amazing creations you’re in for a real surprise. It’s almost like discovering a wonderful new restaurant that no one yet knows about. Once they do – you’ll be standing in line!

  6. This woman is incredible! I have witnessed first hand the dedication, love and integrity that goes into her edible art. When she says “organic”, rest assured, there is no false bravado or supermarket tabloid in play. Ingredients are the best..get her a bigger kitchen!

  7. I thought I’d never taste a better incarnation of chocolate (and believe me, I’ve been researching the field for years) after sampling Red Barn Bakery’s amazing chocolate chip cookies. But bought the double chocolate tart yesterday (thanks to the tip-off from this blog) and have found the bar lifted to new, unsurpassable heights! Unless, of course, Randell’s in the barn experimenting with her Grenada chocolate yet again. One can only hope.

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