Adagio in Pearl River Becomes Danny’s BBQ Bar & Grill


As promised: the update on the new barbecue in Pearl River. It’s the former Adagio — gone casual.

Turns out — it’s not a barbecue joint, per se. And even though there are a bunch of flat-screen TVs, it’s not exactly a sports bar either. Owner Kate Inserra tells me it’s more like Blue Smoke: a restaurant, bar and grill with barbecue, but with other entrees on the menu. You’ll find brisket and pulled pork and ribs, but also the short ribs that were such a favorie at Adagio. (I like the phrase coined by Lamberts in Austin, Texas: fancy barbecue!)

“We’re in a big family town and we felt like the Italian restaurants were a dime a dozen,” Kate told me. “And we wanted to do something a little different.”

So what she and her husband, chef-owner Dan Inserra, did was make it more family friendly. They changed the paint from burnt orange to almond cream. They removed the white tablecloths, added a few TVs and took out the banquettes. (They moved them into the area that formerly was a chef’s tasting table, creating a little lounge area with low tables.) Don’t worry: they kept the stunningly crafted walnut bar.

As far as the menu, it has hearty American entrees such as roast chicken and pork chops — as well as whatever Dan is smoking that week.

The 411 will kick in soon (right now it still says Adagio), but click over to for the address, phone, etc. The new write-up will say:

Chef-owner Dan Inserra and wife-partner-pastry chef Kate removed the white tablecloths and added a few flatscreen TVs to turn the former Adagio into a more a casual neighborhood bar and grill. (Don’t worry, they kept the stunningly crafted walnut bar.) The menu has hearty American entrees such as short ribs, roast chicken and pork chops — with the added bonus of a smoker. Look for brisket, pulled pork and ribs.

And, the menu, after the jump.

Caesar Salad $7  House Salad $ 6 Pear Salad with candied walnuts & bleu cheese $9 Roasted Shrimp with white beans, tomato & pancetta $12 BLT Sliders with apple wood smoked bacon 4 for $9 Roasted Beets with marinated goat cheese $9 Hot Wings with bleu cheese dip & celery $9 Hummus with fried pita $8

ENTREES (all entrees come with a veggie & starch)
10 oz Hanger Steak $18
Braised Beef Short Ribs $21
14 oz. Rib Eye Steak $24
Atlantic Salmon $18
Sauteed Tilapia $16
Grilled Double-Cut Pork Chop $19
1/2 of a Roasted Chicken $16
Danny’s Burger $10

BBQ Baby Back or Spare Ribs 1/2 order $12 full order $22
with a choice of 2 sides

Pulled Pork Platter with 2 sides $12
Pulled Pork Sandwich with 1 side $10
(sides: white beans w/smoked bacon, coleslaw, fries, onion rings, cornmeal biscuit)

Includes choice of 1 side + 1 drink+ 2 scoops of ice cream  $9.00
Chicken Fingers
Pasta w/ butter or marinara sauce
Grilled Cheese
(sides: fries, onion rings, buttered carrots)

DESSERT MENU (changes weekly) $6.00

Warm Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream
Mom’s Mocha Cake with rich chocolate frosting
Coconut Rice Pudding

Our late-night bar menu is an abbreviated version of our dinner menu with great snacks. We carry over 20 different bottled beers, many micro-craft brews & 4 draft selections, two always being American micro-brews. We have over 15 wines by the glass selections ranging from California, Washington State, Oregon, Australia, France, Germany, Chile, Italy & Argentina.

Click here for the Danny’s Web site.


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  1. I visited them last tuesday and it was terrible. The menu was boring and mediocre. The ribs dry and chewy. The owner Kate gave off a stand offish annoyed vibe. Our waitress was friendly and attentive even while being repremanded openly by the owner. I say stick with Baileys for excellent BBQ!

  2. I have to agree with Jessie. I walked in with my daughter one night thinking the place would be more price pointed like Baileys, but when I looked at the menu, I walked out. Pearl River needs a family place with reasonably priced GOOD food. Yes, Pearl River is a “big family town” but if they can just tweak their options on the menu a bit, more family’s would be able to give it a try. In Pearl River most of the places I’ve been to are either way over priced, or the price is decent, but the food is really bad.

  3. I have been a long-standing customer of Adagio’s and am a frequent diner at Danny’s as well. In response to the above comments, the menu has something for everyone–I love the roasted chicken and pear salad, my husband has been addicted to the hanger steak since Adagio and my son always asks for the ribs–which are the best I’ve ever had, not dry or chewy at all. Baileys is great– but just different– Danny’s doesn’t just do BBQ and if you look at the prices at Bailey’s or any other family restaurant in the area the prices are competitive especially considering the quality. Dan and Kate are wonderful hosts and I’m suprised you had such a negative experience, I urge you to give them another try. If not, not every restaurant is for every one. Also they have only been open a couple of months so I’m looking forward to better and brighter days in the future of one of my favorite places!

  4. There wasn’t much to choose from but the ribs were great. I went on a friday night, it was very busy the service was friendly. I can see how Jessie would get an annoyed vibe from the owner though. I was a waiter in the city sometimes an extra waiter or hostess can lighten up the mood and create better service!

  5. Hi Frank,

    I would like to put my ribs forward, (They are baby back ribs)

    We received a 5 star review and the editors pick from the Rockland magazine primarily because of them, we also brought them along to the Taste of Rockland event and everyone seemed to love them.

    We slow roast them for 10 Hours, they get so tender they fall off the bone and you can eat them with a spoon!

    We currently have a memphis style, a jack daniels sauce based version and a bbq style, on our upcoming new menu we also will be adding a thai chili style.

    If anyone would like to drop by and try them out for the next 2 days im offering a free portion (one per customer) , Please email me at if you would like to come by.

    Best wishes,

    Liberty’s American Bar & Grill

  6. I heard the defiant brewry in Pearl River has good BBQ. I didn’t know they served food but word is that it’s great. Worth a try I suppose!

  7. Hi All,

    So I went to Danny’s on Saturday night. The place was ok not great. The food was SO SO if that. Sorry to say. I would stick with Houstons in the riverside square mall for ribs.

  8. Hmm interesting reviews, I went there also on a Saturday night but had a totally different experience then the rest. The ribs were really good, came right off the bone. And I’ve heard a lot about their pear salad from a few friends and gave that a try, SO glad I did! My boyfriend had the pork sandwich and thought it was amazing with his white beans. We are def going back! Sorry to hear about the other reviews!

  9. Went there last night was not impressed with the ribs. My wife had the burger which was pretty good. Baileys or Kickin Chicken are my favorite BBQ spots!

  10. Went here with my wife. Seemed like a good spot to me. They had ribs for me and a few “healthy” choices for my wife. Nice ambiance, great service.

  11. Go to Louies instead? Obviously you haven’t been there, I’ve gone there twice and threw up both times. Never going there again, and do they even have BBQ?? No. They’re different restaurants. I’m pretty sure that all these false comments are the same person. I know the couple personally and I’m not going to comment on the food because of course I’m going to say its awesome. But to say that they talk down to their staff?? in front of their customers?? WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

  12. It’s just sad to see that all these bad comments are all one small group of friends who think trying to ruin someones business is fun. Karma comes around sooner or later.

  13. All I know is that I came here and had the wings and the BBQ sampler and they were delicious! The hot wings were perfect and the sampler was amazing, I got baby back, spare ribs and pulled pork with sides. I was so stuffed but I will be getting more food from this place soon. Keep up the good work!

    I like baileys too, nothin wrong with changing it up for me every now and then.

  14. Wow, looks like alot of people are either jealous and or out to get the owners of this establishment.

    I found the food, service, prices, and staff to be more than wonderful.I grew up in BBQ country and I found the ribs to be just as good if not better than most I’ved tasted.I wish the owners the best of luck.

  15. Laura Tessier on

    Wow, I have no idea where most of these people ate, but I have trouble believing it was Danny’s. My husband and I (he a chef and I a culinary school grad) we’re extremely impressed with Danny’s. The food was fantastic, the mac & cheese with truffle oil, the smoked chicken wings and the ribs! Best BBQ I’ve had in a long time. If you’re looking for neon orange slop sauce with store bought blue cheese dressing, look elsewhere, Danny’s is serious American BBQ, dry spice rubs and smoked in flavor that’s hard to find anywhere else. Great beer selection, really nice bar, the best desserts (we had a chocolate brownie that was like no other, absolutely, sinfully amazing!) a great staff and super friendly owners who are out on the floor and in the kitchen too. We highly recommend Danny’s BBQ, even now, five days after our dinner there, I am eating my leftover ribs and they are phenomenal. Don’t trust any reviews, go there and see for yourself!

  16. Jason Tepperberg on

    Wow, is right. I went there after a friend of mine told me it was good and Wow I couldn’t believe how much it sucked. I was totally not impressed at all. I love BBQ and couldn’t wait to try it, now I am sorry I did. The sauces were ok, the meat was just down right dry. I wouldn’t go back. The place also has a very funny smell too it, not really sure what it is but its weird.

  17. Gary, I removed your “review” because you used foul language… just as you did in the post I removed above. I tried to email you about that, but you’ve used a fake email address here. I also removed all the post that were supposedly by different people but came from the same IP address. Someone is posing as a lot of different people to rack up the bad reviews on this place.

  18. Love this place – so glad to see Liz caught on to whomever was posting the fake reviews. This place is EXCELLENT!!!!I go here about once every other, to every week. I have almost tried everything on the menu. Ribs are succulant, sauce not overpowering, tangy, a little sweet and just the right amount of smoke. The burgers are HUGE! juicy and very filling. Smoked chipoltle wings and hot wings are supurb! Wings are very meaty, cooked perfectly and again a large portion. Prices are VERY reasonable. Bad service? Never happens, ever. Kate could not be more gracious and hospitable, as well as the whole wait staff. Danny himself often comes out fo the kitchen to say hello to patrons and check on everyone’s food enjoyment.