Avec Alan: Alan Richman and Eric Ripert Head to CostCo in Port Chester


I missed seeing this before I posted this week’s Local Links, but it’s good enough that it deserves its own post anyway. In a spoof on Avec Eric, the public television show hosted by Le Bernardin chef Eric Ripert, Alan Richman, the food and wine critic for GQ,  takes Ripert shopping at CostCo in Port Chester. They go back to Alan’s house in Mamaroneck and make a meal of many different cheeses.

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Julia Sexton over at Westchester magazine is none too happy about it, either. She thinks the video gave the ‘burbs a bad rap — “Chef, let me show you the real food shopping in Westchester…avec Julia,” she says — and suggests Alan start looking for good food in Westchester at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I’ve shared a table with him there, and he would be have been much happier if he had his own salt shaker, so I’m not sure that’s the best suggestion. She’s looking for others, though, so let her know what you think: clicky for Julia’s post.

Me? I think it’s funny. I mean, who among us has not gone to a big box store before a party? It’s what you do with the food when you get home that counts.

If there’s another Avec Alan video, I’m in. Stop & Shop? A&P?


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  1. I thought it was pretty funny. To me the idea of going to Costco clearly is part of the “everyman” approach. Rather then to little shops and such that the “everyman” may never walk in. One thing – if you ever see Alan tell him to never wear his shirt half tucked into his pants and half tucked out like he did in one of the home shots. Not sure if this was meant to be funny, but all I could think of is he just came out of the mens room! I’d love to get the recipe for the souffle. Looked so good.

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