Small Plates at the Iron Horse


Hi, everyone, it’s Katherine Curry, guest blogger.  I was in Pleasantville the other night seeing a movie at the Jacob Burns. Afterwards, my friend and I walked over to Phil McGrath’s wonderful train-station restaurant, the Iron Horse Grill.  The restaurant was quiet — it was after 9 p.m. on a Tuesday night — but the bar was still quite busy.  We grabbed the last two available seats and ordered glasses of Pinot Noir.

We weren’t really planning on eating, but the idea of sharing the Iron Horse’s small plates special was too good to pass up.   For $29, you can choose any three appetizers or desserts off the menu, and you can combine them however you want.

We started with the Iron Horse chopped salad, which has blue cheese dressing and toasted pine nuts.  The pine nuts are the perfect foil for the creaminess of the dressing.


Our next selection was the lobster knuckle sliders.

The brioche bun was fantastic. We almost ended up fighting over that lobster claw in the middle.  By this point, the folks at the bar were wondering why I kept taking pictures of my food. My friend told them that I was in some obscure, food-worshiping cult.


Our third selection was Phil’s classic timbale of peeky toe crab.  Succulent lumps of crabmeat and a perfectly-ripe avocado — such a decadent late-night dinner!


Despite our best intentions, at the last minute, we were tempted into trying a dessert, too.  We devoured this passion fruit-blackberry tart with honey ice cream.


This dessert was actually a preview from the upcoming Valentine’s Day menu. My friend and I both agreed that we’d never thought of ourselves as passion fruit fans, but this dessert changed our minds.  Underneath all those blackberries is a pastry shell filled with an intensely flavorful, sweet and tart passion fruit curd.

All in all, a perfect end to a wonderful evening.  I wish Northern Westchester had more places like the Iron Horse, where you can perch at the bar for a glass of wine and a delicious late night supper.

The 411 on the Iron Horse.


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