Avispa in Nyack: Breads, Groceries and a Restaurant, All in One


I love seeing colorful sweet breads in shades of pink and yellow. It means I’m at a Latin bakery. Even though it was a long time ago now, after living in Mexico for a year, I still get a craving for a tender, puffy, sweet bread for breakfast now and then. I was happy to find a place right near my house where that craving can be satisfied anytime: Avispa on Main Street in Nyack.


There’s plenty more on Avispa after the jump. I only tasted the bread. Correspondent Katherine Curry tasted the food they serve from the hot buffet bar, too.

First, let’s take a look at the bakery part of the operation. They bake almost all the breads on premises.

Here’s a look from the front door:


Here’s the display of breads in the glass case at the back of the shop:


A few of the different breads. They make styles from all over Central America and Mexico:




They have a deli, too:


Here is the hot buffet (Katherine will have more on that shortly):


Besides the bread, I really like that I have a place nearby to get Latin ingredients. Here are several sodas, cremas and cheeses:



Spices and other dry goods:


This little bee is the mascot of the store. Avispa means wasp:


And with that, I give you Katherine’s take on Avispa….


Hi — Katherine Curry, guest-blogger here again.  Tipped off by a friend, I stopped into Avispa for lunch a few weeks ago.  She loves Avispa’s extremely affordable Ecuadorian food and is delighted that there’s an actual restaurant hiding in the back of this little grocery store.  There are a number of South American grocery items you probably can’t find elsewhere on Nyack’s Main Street, and lots of interesting soda choices, like tamarind.

I was intrigued by this version of cheese puffs.


Hard to see, but they’re described on the bag as “cheese covered extruded snacks.”  Cheesteens gets points for honesty in package-labeling.

Avispa has a few simple tables for diners.


You place your order at the counter where the register is.  You can see the hot buffet behind the glass.

Avispa Counter

The day I was there, selections included fried plantains, a dish called chicken fajita with cream, baked chicken, and a perplexing dish of scrambled eggs with green beans.  In the picture below, the scrambled eggs are on the left, and the chicken fajita in cream is on the right, with rice and beans at the bottom of the plate.


My friend and I sampled the scrambled eggs (not good, but when are steam-table scrambled eggs good?), the chicken fajita with cream (the chicken was very tender, and the sauce was definitely creamy), and a side of rice and beans.  I was intrigued by the variety of choices, but pretty underwhelmed by the food.  The rice and beans were okay, but not very flavorful.

My friend also ordered the beef tacos, which come two to an order, and are garnished with tomato, cilantro, and avocado.


I tried a couple bites of the tacos and they weren’t bad.  A very affordable lunch, but again, nothing memorable.  I might revisit Avispa to see what their breakfast selections are like, or to try some of their breads and pastries.  Have you been to Avispa?  What have you had and what did you like?

Avispa Food Mart Deli & Bakery, 136 Main St., Nyack. 845-353-2009


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