Valentine’s Day Dinner at La Panetiere


Hi, it’s Katherine Curry, guest blogger, with some pictures from the Valentine’s Day dinner my husband and I enjoyed at La Panetiere.

Our reservation was in the early evening, and when we arrived, the dining room had just a few other guests. But by the time we were tucking into our appetizers, the room was bustling with happy couples of all sorts.  It was a convivial Valentine’s Day dinner, with diners at adjacent tables conversing and laughing.

Our meal began with an amuse bouche, a short glass of creamy winter veloute made with celery root and pear.


Our waiter brought us a luscious creme brulee of foie gras, served with brioche toast.

Fois Gras Creme Brulee with duck sauce

Next up was something called a “terra-marea” mosiac, which was thinly-sliced raw beef, tuna, salmon and another fish that I’ve forgotten.  Everything was impeccably fresh and beautifully presented — that kind of sums of La Panetiere, too.  Every detail is done right here — see how lovely the serving plates are?

mosiac of fish and beef tartar

This dish was called a “rosace”, so it was shaped like a rose bloom — thinly-sliced sea scallops on top of mushrooms duxelles with spinach and tomato.

scallops, tomato

My husband’s main course was two beef short ribs, tender and flavorful, served with potato croquettes and a little salad. You can see that my food pictures didn’t turn out very well — the lighting, as one would hope, was soft and romantic.  The short ribs don’t look so great, but trust me, they were.

beef short ribs

I ordered off the regular menu for my entree — as did one or two other diners near me — because I simply can’t come to La Panetiere and not eat Dover sole. Typically the sole is expertly-boned tableside, but tonight it was prepared in the kitchen.


The sole is served with a ridiculously rich hash of potatoes with black truffles and buerre blanc sauce. If I had to request a last meal, it might be a double-order of that hash, with extra butter sauce.

The fish is listed on the menu as being grilled.  The last time I was at La Panetiere, in October, I thought the sole was sauteed — in butter, naturellement!  My grilled fish was moist and tasty, but given a choice, I’ll take sauteed-in-butter every time.

The Valentine’s dessert trio was a gratin of raspberries, passion fruit ice cream, and a chocolate ganache Napoleon, which was pretty much a rich brownie with a French accent.

dessert medley

And back at the beginning of dinner, we placed our order for a Grand Marnier souffle.  Light, sweet, crispy, creamy — a heavenly dessert!

grand marnier souffle

I probably don’t need to eat again until next Valentine’s Day.

The 411 on La Panetiere.


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  1. Ms. Curry, am I reading this wrong or was La Panetiere rated just one star after such a superb sounding dinner?

  2. Hi,
    Those stars are not in any way connected to my write-up — they are cumulative reader/user ratings of restaurants on
    I would definitely agree that La Panetiere deserves far more than one star, too!

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