First Look: Finalmente in Sleepy Hollow


Finalmente, a trattoria and wine bar, is one of two new restaurants in Sleepy Hollow (the other is Bridge View Tavern). The restaurant is very sexy, and the brick walls, heavy curtains and low lighting all feel rather Renaissance-boudoir.


I tried two appetziers and two pastas. The lamb ragu — described on the menu as a “Mediterranean meat sauce,” perhaps to tempt people who don’t normally eat lamb — was terrific. After the jump, photos of my meal,  and a 20-picture slideshow of the interior with several other dishes from the menu, too.

Here’s my orecchiette with “Mediterranean meat sauce”:


Rich and sultry, like the restaurant.

This other pasta was good but not as complex:


(I’m so sorry… I spaced on the name of it.)

We also tried the stuffed mushroom appetizer (very nice) and a salad with bitter greens and cherry tomatoes (good but could have done without the tomatoes).

The crowd was mixed. There were some regulars (already!) at the bar, and a few couples there on dates, but there were also big family groups and one table that seemed like a reunion of a daughter, her mother and a million great aunts.


It’s definitely the sort of restaurant built to handle any of those diners: you can stop in for drink, go for a romantic evening or book a 10-top with your friends.

Here’s a slideshow by Maureen Fleming, who photographed the restaurant for Hudson Valley Metromix: (click on the little bubble on the left to see the captions):

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Have you been yet? What do you think?

The 411 is coming soon. Til then: 31 Beekman Ave., Sleepy Hollow. 914 909 4787.


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  1. At the top of this post, there is a rating of 1 star out of 5 for this restaurant based on 3 votes.

    Is this indicative of the quality of the restaurant? I was thinking of going this weekend with 5 people, but now Im leery. Help!

  2. Michael, I don’t rate the restaurants — the readers do. They’re anonymous votes. Take them with a grain of salt. The restaurant is very comfortable and very good looking. The food I had was good, not know-you-down-crying. Not one star, but not five either.

  3. I just called the number. They do not take reservations. Thats a problem for me for a party of 5 on a weekend night.

    If im going to come from Rockland at 830pm, I’d like a reservation so I know we have a table.

    Im not going to come that far to find its an hour wait. Perhaps they should reconsider the policy. They just lost 5 diners.

  4. Michael, don’t be leery — they don’t take reservations on a weeknight, but you will have a table. Even on weekends, when they are slammed, you will get a table in short order. Readjust to think NYC and you will feel fine. They have a bar where they will let you wait if there is a wait. The food is great and I’m a really picky sort. Also, and this isn’t something that came out in the review, their prices are fabulous. I got a very drinkable bottle of Primitivo for $20. At some point the price will rise, but enjoy the great food and insanely low prices while they last.

  5. My husband and I enjoyed the most wonderful dinner last evening. We arrived at 8pm (no wait and a few empty tables). The service was informative and efficient. We had a glass of Merlot, the Rossa salad (a beet and radichio mix wiht soft cheese) was fabulous, then the entree mussels in a spicy red sauce that wasn’t marinara like it actually had a nice red pepper kick to it. I can’t wait to return to try some other dishes. This is a wonderful place for our community.

  6. I’ve been to Finalmente twice: the first time on New Years Eve. The food is wonderful – There were 4 of us on New Years and we each ordered something different so everyone could have a taste. Everything was excellent! It has the look (and the taste) of a NYC restaurant.
    The second time I went was on my birthday and everything was still wonderful! It’s definitely worth the trip!

  7. David Sleepy Hollow on

    This restaurant is not just good- it is GREAT! Anyone who REALLY knows Italian food should eat here. Everyone will enjoy this place, but it is manna from heaven for the connoisseur. Finally I don’t have to go to NYC (and this is better than many acclaimed NYC Italian restaurants too) for great Italian food. Just make sure to get reservations during peak hours (though it is totally worth the wait)


    The hallmarks of a good restaurant should be Quality, Consistency and Variety. Finalmente has accomplished all of that during its first 12 months. I have been there at least 15 times and have always had an excellent meal.

    One year later and this gem of fine restaurant still ranks as my favorite. Sure you may have to wait for a table since reservations are not taken BUT it is well worth it. The food which was excellent a year ago still amazes me and everybody I know who has been agrees. As with any new restaurant there were some server issues a year ago but they are long gone. The menu changes what looks to be about 25% regularly and is always interesting. The prices charged for everything are all well worth it and I have always felt like I received great value for my money.

    The wine list continues to offer some superb values at reasonable restaurant prices and there is a very nice assortment of Italian beers too.

    For starters a new salad with thinly sliced smoked duck breast is amazing. The cold antipasti has top quality meats, cheeses and vegetables and is plentiful. Don’t miss it. The crab cakes are favorites of many friends too.

    Pastas: All are made on the premises and are really good. I still love the Tortellini with butter and sage. It takes me back to Firenze. Try the Timbal if you want a real treat.

    The regular menu has lots of good choices like Monkfish or Lamb Chops. The specials are great too. Don’t miss the Veal Contadina which is one of my favorites or the Zuppa di Pesce type dish with lobster. Simply amazing. I rarely order fish out but I usually order fish here. Always super fresh and cooked perfectly.

    All of the desserts are still well worth the calories. Don’t miss the Panna Cotta, or the Italian Cheesecake.

    One small note of caution; it can get a little noisy during primetime on a Saturday night but all in all Finalmente offers a great dining experience in a beautiful setting. If you are looking for better quality food at reasonable prices try Finalmente. I doubt you will be disappointed.

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