Dish of the Day: Migas at Wobble Cafe in Ossining


Hi, it’s Katherine Curry again.  When the wind is blowing and the snow is falling and you know you have just two precious hours before the kids are home from school, thanks to another weather-related early dismissal, what do you do for breakfast?  If you’re like me, you go to Wobble Cafe in Ossining and order something that will take you through lunch and beyond: migas.


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Wobble Cafe serves the Tex-Mex verison of migas: scrambled eggs mixed with slightly crispy tortilla strips, resting on a soft tortilla and smothered in pinto beans, onions, peppers, tomato, chorizo if you choose, plus cheese and a hefty serving of pickled jalapenos.  Fresh fruit is an option instead of hash browns, but the flavorful potatoes are a better partner for migas.  A few dashes of Wobble’s angry mango sauce, a big mug of coffee, and breakfast is served.


The 411 on Wobble Cafe.


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