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Hi, it’s Katherine Curry again. Wow! This storm was impressive, and still more to come.  It’s a perfect day to stay in and make some soup, bake some bread, start a batch of cookies — provided you have electricity, of course. How are you all weathering the storm?  We lost a lot of tree branches last night — I kept hearing these reverberating, loud cracks as another branch broke off.

Here’s this morning’s candidate for Most Likely To Collapse:


I’m definitely thinking about making some soup today. I’ll need a recipe I can adapt to the ingredients I have on hand.  I think I have a chicken in the freezer, so I may try to thaw that out and start some chicken soup.

Last month, Linda Lombroso wrote a terrific story about chicken soup — at the end of the story are some great recipes, including one for Ladle of Love’s Chicken Noodle Soup. I think I have everything I need for that one except the parsnips.

And Liz followed up on the blog with reader-submitted chicken soup recipes.

Lots of moms are probably baking cookies today.  Seems like a good time to revisit the LoHud Cookie Swap recipes for some ideas.  The chocolate crinkles look pretty darn good to me. (Photo by Angela Gaul/The Journal News)

Cookie Contest 12-07-09

Another soup I might try today is this simple cornmeal and spinach soup from Lidia Bastianich.  It sounds like a savory porridge — perfect for a cold day.  The recipe is from a new website called Cookstr — have you heard about it? It’s a cookbook-focused site that features recipes from cookbook authors and chefs.  I like that you can search for recipes by chef — if I happen to be in a Nigella Lawson kind of mood (I confess, it does happen once in a while), I can browse through a bunch of her chatty recipes.

I wonder if eating out, or takeout,  is an option this evening? It’s hard to tell what the day’s snow accumulation will be.  Later today I may call around in my area to do a little survey of who, if anyone, is open for business.  Feel free to post and let us know what’s going on with the restaurants in your area, and let us know what you’re making in your kitchen!


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  1. After a hard day of shoveling (VERY HARD), my husband and I were ready for a quiet dinner at a nearby restaurant. We originally had plans to have dinner at Piatto Grill in Yorktown and see stand-up comedian/actor Walt Willey, but when Walt canceled due to snow, so did we. We ended up at Ala Roma, a nearby neighborhood restaurant in Elmsford that we frequent when it’s just the two of us and we want consistent food and good service. It seemed like the perfect night to request a table by the fireplace, and they happily accommodated. I ordered eggplant rollantini, and my husband had veal sorrentina. My dish, although laden with a bit too much sauce, was nonetheless very good. It was filled with fresh mozzarella in just the right amounts, and was accompanied by ziti cooked perfectly al dente. My husband’s dish seemed to please, although you can pretty much count on him eating everything you give him with the exception of celery and olives. We passed on the appetizer and desserts, although we each ordered a cocktail and my husband ended his meal with a cappucino. At $62, a good value by most standards. Our server, Mike, is a long-term employee (he was there when it was Andrew’s and probably before that as well) and is always professional and courteous. Ala Roma is the place to go if you’re in the neighborhood and want a relaxing dinner at a reasonable price.

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