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Joni Taitt Manradge is at it again…reviewing yet another restaurant! This time, my travels in Westchester took me to 80 West Restaurant at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel in White Plains. This is a newly opened restaurant nestled in a very quiet area. Driving to this locale Monday night was great, since the rain had not already started. I can tell this would be a wonderful tour on a nice sunny evening.

Once we entered the restaurant, my husband and I were immediately greeted by Rosalee. Such a bright and cheery personality…we knew we were in for a lovely, low key dining experience. It was very quiet with soft listening music playing in the background. The ambiance was perfect as a wind down after the first work day of the week. As we sat down and read the menu, our server, Steven came to take our drink order as well as our dinner selection.  We started off with warm bread and butter. A nice touch for a pre-starter.

HV Restaurant Week 001

This baguette was warm and chewy.

For appetizers,  I chose the Baby Arugula Salad with Seared Peppered Tuna, Frisee and Ginger Dressing.

HV Restaurant Week 002

I asked for the Tuna to be cooked all the way through. I cant have raw seafood since I am expecting! Normally the tuna would be seared so that it is rare. The tuna was very peppery…a bit more than I like, but I was warned by the description, right?  The ginger dressing was very light, a nice choice against the arugula and frisee.

My Husband ordered Potato Nachos with Smoked Salmon and Tangy Caper Sauce.

HV Restaurant Week 003

He commented that the potato was a tad bit on the salty side. It definitely is an appetizer that can be shared. He ate two and was content with it.

Moving along to the main courses. I ordered the Grilled Top Sirloin with French Fries and Maitre D’ Butter

HV Restaurant Week 004

I mean, who would have thought that this piece of steak with this butter on it would be so tasty? I loved it! And, I am not really a butter-on-a-steak-kind-of-gal. BUT, it definitely added a dimension to the tender steak! It seemed like it was an herbed butter, so I was definitely in love with that concept! And, to accompany the steak? What else? Potatoes tossed with garlic and herbs! OH LA LA! I was so appreciative of the serving size of my plate! I think I was going through a want-potato kind of day, because these definitely hit the spot. The right amount of salt, garlic, herbs, and a dip in the ketchup…heaven.

My Husband chose the Chardonnay-Brined Frenched Chicken with Red Rice and Wild Mushrooms.

HV Restaurant Week 005

This entree as described from my husband was a delight. The chicken was very tender and juicy from the brine. The red rice was a very pleasant surprise for him. It had a light and nutty finish. The broth and mushrooms served with the dish delicately complimented the chicken, yet gave the rice a depth of flavor outside the nuttiness of the grain.

For dessert, we had separate plates: I had the  NY Style Junior’s Cheesecake with Strawberry Soup, and he had Coconut Mango Mousse with Raspberry and Passion Fruit Coulis.

HV Restaurant Week 006

HV Restaurant Week 007

The Cheesecake had a rich and velvety finish. Coupled with the strawberry soup? Phenomenal! I wanted to bring it home and frame it! It was just the right amount of cheesecake and soup.

The Mousse, was simply amazing! It was a delicate balance between the coconut and mango together. Light and creamy. This decadent combo paired with the raspberry and passion fruit coulis made this dessert POP inside your mouth! Fabulous! It was definitely a nice note to finish off the dinner.

Overall, this restaurant is a “definite go to” for dinner. I would definitely bring my parents here to dine. They are very finicky when choosing food establishments. I believe they would enjoy the cuisine here.  Even looking at the choices that were not on the HVRW menu…I am plotting for a time to come back to have some more!

The 411 on 80 West.


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