Give Us the Scoop: Where’s Your Favorite Ice Cream Spot?


Hi everyone, guest blogger Katherine Curry again.  Ice cream and frozen custard are year-round obsessions of mine.  I realize some folks mistakenly think of ice cream as a seasonal, warm-weather treat — this leads to all sorts of unfortunate things, like certain ice cream parlors closing for the winter.  Oh, the hardship!


Give us your ice cream suggestions after the jump…

I’m pretty sure all those closed-for-the-winter places have reopened,  and it’s time for me to get to work! Here’s where you, the Small Bites reader, come in.  In the coming months, I’ll be visiting and posting about many ice cream spots across the region, with a particular eye towards places making their own ice cream, or at least serving a regional producer’s ice cream, like Longford’s.

So tell me:  Which ice cream places do you think should I visit, and what should I order? Leave your suggestions in the comments area, and thanks!

One place that recently reopened is Rita’s Italian Ice and Custard down in the Elmsford Multiplex Shopping Center.  I know Rita’s is a chain/franchise, so it doesn’t meet my criteria. But I’m a sucker for frozen custard, which is hard to find in our area, so when I found myself in Elmsford on Sunday, I figured it was worth a taste.  I got the classic vanilla/chocolate twirl.


It wasn’t the best frozen custard I’ve ever had.  The flavors were okay, but the texture was a tiny bit spongy, and I detected some minuscule ice crystals in my first two spoonfuls.  But honestly, I’m profoundly picky when it comes to ice cream — at least for the first few spoonfuls.  Then I forget all about my critical judgments and devour whatever’s in front of me.  Which is exactly what I did with Rita’s frozen custard. It was pretty good.

Rita’s menu has a lot going on — there’s Italian ice, frozen custard, and a whole bunch of offerings that are a mash-up of the two, like the Gelati, which is a layering of Italian ice and frozen custard.  Here’s the inside of Rita’s, which has spiffy linoleum:


I’m now regretting I didn’t at least ask about Peeps ice — it wasn’t until I uploaded these pictures that I even noticed that sign.  What could it be? The picture on the sign is disconcerting — a bright yellow slushy drink, which makes me worry that they’ve mutilated and pureed the little Peeps into mush.  And speaking of seasonal treats, it’s probably gone already, now that Easter’s over.  Drat!

Don’t forget to leave your ice cream suggestions below.

Rita’s Italian Ice and Custard

330 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford. 914-347-7482.


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  1. Felicia McTiernan on

    Main Street Sweets in Tarrytown… the best vanilla ice cream, warm caramel sauce in a homemade waffle cone. We drive from New Jersey for it!

  2. There is a teeny little place at 33 Main Street in Port Chester that have the most incredible all natural ice cream and frozen fresh fruit and ice cream pops. It’s called Paleteria Fernandez. They carry all kinds of really cool and imaginative flavors. It’s easy to spot at night when the weather is warm, with usually long lines in front of the shop!

  3. Pane & Gelato in Eastchester. They have the best pistachio gelato. I go to Italy every year and this is the closest thing to what I get over there. The gelato is rich and creamy.

  4. Wallys in New City is terrific. New City also has Twist N Shake but I like Wallys ice cream better. Wallys has low fat and non-fat yogurt too, as well as chocolate dipped frozen bananas.

  5. I love the ice-cream in Rye, Longford’s. My favorite flavor is coconut mound. It’s so creamy w/ chunks of dark chocolate. It reminds me of the chocolate candy bar Mounds. They have natural pistachio, my 2nd favorite flavor! Can’t wait to go back.

  6. Hands down the best ice cream in the metro area is served at a upcoming new chain of gourmet ice cream [Giffords of Maine] in Croton and Ossining called PURPLE MONKEY.
    The ceamiest of creamy [my fav is Mississippi Mud slide] along w/ Frogurt is taking the county by storm.THe owner {Phil] couldn’t be nicer and w/ specials like Tee Shirt Tuesday and If its raining the cone if Free! My kids [and wife]crave their Monkey constantly !!!
    Move over Ben and Jerry… There’s a new ice cream guy in town, ”Go Purple”

  7. My favorite icecream spot is the Bellvale Creamery in Warwick, NY. My seasonal favorites are peach in the late summer and pumpkin in the fall. Their homemade waffle cones are terrific and the view from the top of the mountain is spectacular.

  8. Definitely visit Hoyer’s on Route 9w in West Haverstraw. It’s an old school drive up and park kind of deal, always with lines of people waiting for delicious ice-creamy goodness. Be sure to visit on the early side though, especially after dinner, as it closes at 9pm!

  9. Marty’s in Orangeburg. They have blackberry softserve. Really good with a chocolate dip. And my daughter love the white lightening. I think that is the name, it’s a really chocolatey minty dark gooey creamy icecream. It’s outside, they just put int a new stone flooring and a nice little fence. Very family friendly old fashioned neighborhood stand.

  10. Pane & Gelato located on 290 White Plains Road is BY FAR the best place I have been to. The flavors are SUPURB!!! I always set up dates with my girlfriends a few times a month because we are addicted to this place!!!

  11. Weelllll, if your doing a tour of icecream stores Sweet Pete’s in Congers is a must as well as Cone Zone!!!

  12. Definitely visit Main Street Sweets in Tarrytown! Not only do they make their own flavors, they come up with some really interesting combinations and names – Main Street Special is my personal favorite. An added bonus – there are tables outside the store and you can spend some time enjoying your ice cream and watching the activity on Main Street – one of the coolest spots in the county!

  13. Growing up in brooklyn there was only 2 places…
    Karps.. or Jahn’s

    New City I guess Wally’s is the next best thing.
    Then there’s haverstraw’s Hoyer’s.

  14. Well….this is a little off the beaten path, but if you’re taking a “ride in the country” some sunny afternoon and happen to drive East into Connecticut on I84. Get off at Exit 15, make a right at the light and drive straight to Rich Farm. It’s only a few miles on Oxford Rd. (Rte. 67). You won’t be disappointed! The families name is Rich and so is the ice cream! So many flavors … so little time.

  15. I love the new Ice Cream Shop Flip ‘N Dip in Airmont, NY. They have 36 flavors of Italian Ice,Soft Serve, over a dozen hard ice creams and Bloomingdale’s famous Frogurt frozen yogurt. I was so excited to see we finally have a cool place to go and get ice cream in Airmont, and best of all they let you sample what ever you want!Awsome place!

  16. My vote is for Flip ‘n’ Dip in Tallman, NY. The shop is amazingly clean, decorated with great colors, and the ice cream, frozen yogurt, and Italian ices are GREAT!!!

  17. Very psyched to hear Rita’s opened nearby. I just tried their Gelati last week for the first time when i went to Pennsylvania. It was GREAT!

  18. Last Lick’s plain Frogurt with nonpareils on top. At the Golden Horseshoe on Wilmot Rd, New Rochelle.

    Also plain Yogoberry on Central Ave. in Scarsdale. Self serve with fruit on top. Pay by the weight. Tops Pinkberry.

  19. Im going to have to agree with Victoria. Pane and Gelato @ 290 White Plains Rd. in Eastchester. It has awsome Gelato’s!

  20. Johnny Gelato on Rt. 52 in Lake Carmel is great!! They serve absolutely scrumptious homemade gelato. It is so creamy and delicious that regular ice cream just can’t compare. They have 24 flavors and usually have special flavors daily as well. They give you a little sample of the flavor if you want to try it before ordering. They offer several sizes of cones, and also make gelato cakes, crepes and a gelato “chipwich”. They also offer soft serve ice cream, Italian ice, sundaes, shakes and floats. The interior is modest but very cute, with a few places to sit. WE LOVE JOHNNY GELATO!!!!

  21. Coneheads in Walden, NY makes their own ice cream AND stays open year round! It’s been our favorite since they opened! Their birthday cake ice cream is delicious, but my new favorite is the peanut butter cup–huge chunks of peanut butter cups in it! YUM! It’s definitely worth the trip!

  22. The Cupcake Kitchen in Irvington carries Jane’s Ice Cream from Kingston NY and it is AWESOME! We love the chocolate and really love the cappuccino flavor. They have a cute retro ’50’s look complete with a long counter with built in stools. Perfect for having a shake or float at!

  23. I love Banana Split Ice Cream Cafe in Tappan. They carry 33 flavors of Eddy’s and Gifford Ice Creams and hard Yogurts, plus 6 flavors of Water Ices and Soft Serve Ice Cream. They also carry the famous Bloomingdale’s Frogurt. Yummy! Its an oldtime ice cream parlor that is very kid friendly plus they carry fresh baked David’s Cookies,al their line of tarts and Cakes. Try the ‘GINNORMOUS”. Betcha can’t finish it!


  25. Bellizi has the most delicious home-made gelato! It has won “the best gelato” award and seriously deserves it. So yummy!

  26. I agree that Bellizzi has the best gelato and sorbetto. I also love going to Bellizzi because it is so casual and fun and everyone who works there is always so pleasant!

  27. There is a place in yonkers where they make their own ice cream with fresh ingredients and make them in many different ways.The place is called Paleteria La Michoacana. the address is 407 South Broadway, Yonkers NY 10705. Trust me, it’s the best ice cream i’ve ever had in my life.

  28. Bellvale Creamery in Warwick, without a doubt. They make their own ice cream using cream directly from their dairy farm down the hill. Love the Bellvale Bog (deep rich chocolate) and also the peach and apple pie flavors. And enjoy the incredible view of the Warwick Valley while you lick your cone.

  29. Bellizzi on Main in Mt. Kisco is unbeatable. I consider myself a fairly seasoned dessert man and their gelato is the best.

  30. Bellizzi has the best gelato by far and I love going there with my younger sister! Their home-made gelato has won “the best gelato” award from Westchester
    Magazine’s contest where a number of renowned area chefs judged the area’s gelatarias. I also love their new web site

    Bellizzi is hands down the best spot for gelato!!

  31. James Carwell on

    My vote has to go to Johnny Gelato in Kent. I live in Mahopac, and I try to make it there at least once a week, although when I’m working in the area it becomes a bad (I mean very very good) habit 🙂 Everything is homemade and the people working there are very nice. My wife and I were in the center last year and just happened to stop in to get a cone. I can honestly say that there is no comparison between ice cream and Johnny Gelato. Its that good! Now if they could only open one up in Mahopac too 🙂

  32. Katherine Curry on

    Thanks, James–Johnny Gelato is on my list and I’m looking forward to visiting soon!

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